WATCH: Interview With Chris Stark From UK Climate Change Committee

WATCH: Interview With Chris Stark From UK Climate Change Committee

Charli Whiteford, Cameron Meikle, Lucy West and Scott Boyd

Who is he?

Chris Stark is the chief executive of the UK’s Climate Change Committee (CCC). What that means is that he leads the group of people who advise the government on most of the climate change based issues that they make. He works closely with Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson, for example, to advise and develop the big decisions needed to be made.

The Main Points

We asked Mr Stark many questions about the current climate change situation and what his thoughts are on what’s happening at COP26. He explained to us that we are making positive progress towards a brighter future, but there is still more that needs to be done. He believes that COP26 has had some success in creating long term plans but more needs to be done in the short term.

What does Mr Stark do himself to be more sustainable?

In the interview, we asked Mr Stark what he has implemented in his daily life to become more sustainable. He made it clear that this is what he does and does not want to preach. He has cut red meat out of his diet as he is aware that there is some evidence which proves that animals such as cows release higher levels of methane into the atmosphere.His family have also got rid of their family car to reduce their carbon footprint. He did make it clear that this was only possible as a result of him living in the city and having easy access to public transport, although he did state they do sometimes get a taxi.

In Conclusion

Overall, this was a very engaging interview with Mr Stark. He answered all of our questions in great detail and explained everything very well so that our audience could understand it. It was such a great experience and a pleasure interviewing him.

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