Biggar High School Clothing Swap Initiative

Throughout the week we have been looking closely at how local communities can make small impacts on the planet. We found that Biggar High School had started a sustainability group and they had started to swap clothes. After Biggar High School’s English Department had leftover fashion show clothes, the young group of 1st to 5th years took upon themselves to create a second hand shop.

At the start of the project, they were initially offering school uniforms for other school members that needed extra school wear. As the project expanded, they offered other clothing items to swap and sell, this also includes purchasing clothes for £1. This encourages an affordable and sustainable lifestyle.

They started the project as a way to stop young people from buying fast fashion and to encourage young people to wear clothing items they already own. This project gets people into a habit of reusing clothing and it means that overall, there is less waste and less clothing will end up in landfill.

The group is run by pupils throughout the school and the project has been an overall success. Throughout the school they are planning to establish groups that help the planet such as compost bins, litter picking, donating to the local food bank and bird feeders. As a group they hope to continue the project as long as possible and hope that the project continues when they all leave.

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