WATCH: Could Coffi Be The Only Good Thing To Come Out Of COP26?

WATCH: Could Coffi Be The Only Good Thing To Come Out Of COP26?

Written by: Shay Pritchard, Luke Miller-McMillan

Interviewed by: Shay Pritchard, Taylor Sheppard 

On Thursday 11th of November, a few of our CEN journalists visited the green zone at the Glasgow Science Centre, where four of us met Jenipher and Elen, who operate Jenipher’s Coffi. We asked a number of questions to figure out how their organisation strives towards being sustainable. One of the most amazing things we learned was that the company had pledged to plant 25 million trees by 2025 and astoundingly, they have already planted 15 million! We have no doubt that they will be able to reach their target.

In Jenipher’s community, every household plants 50 trees. One of our journalists bought some of the coffee and they said “it was delicious“. But to Jenipher and Elen, it’s more than the taste as they also strive in taking action against climate change. The two are also fair trade certified and work to get the fairest price for all individuals involved in the production.

As well as all that, Jenipher is also a part of Mother Concern, an organisation that helps to stand up for health and reproductive rights, economic development, education and human rights. Due to the covid crisis, the children of Uganda haven’t been to school, so have been taught by Mothers concern how to make liquid soap and necklaces.



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