Learn All About The Hope Sculpture…

Learn All About The Hope Sculpture…

What are these statues?

If you have been out and about in Glasgow recently, you may have noticed sculptures and figures of children popping up. These are symbols of hope by the artist and designer Steuart Padwick which have been created by people inspired by the COP26 event. They have been built using materials which are good for our Earth and represent the important link between caring for our environment and the mental wellbeing of our communities and ourselves.

Where are they?

The Beacon of Hope by Steuart Padwick. ©Keith Hunter at Central Station, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

There are two smaller projects. One of these is in Central Station in Glasgow. This has been made with Scottish spruce (a type of wood) which has been built using a cross laminated timber method. The companies involved in making this sculpture hope this will encourage other building companies to follow in their footsteps and encourage greener housing to be built in Scotland.  To help increase sustainability, the trees this wood has come from have been replanted and the wood itself traps carbon dioxide, a harmful gas which causes climate change. There are poems of hope on the base of this statue which you can read when you pass by!

Hope Triptych by Steuart Padwick. ©Edinburgh Photographic at Rottenrow

There is a second sculpture near the University of Strathclyde in Rottenrow Gardens. This is made from scrap steel which would have been wasted if they were not used for these statues. Once again, there are hopeful poems written on the front and back of these statues. This project is meant to show the importance of working together against climate change and building a stronger community.

The main statue is placed in Cuningar Loop in Glasgow. It is very tall and has a child reaching out on top of it. This is a good place for the statue to be because this area of Glasgow was heavily involved in the release of carbon dioxide because of the factories that were once there. The companies feel that this statue is therefore an important symbol of change and progress.

The Hope Sculpture by Steuart Padwick. © Keith Hunter at Cuningar Loop, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

One of the most impressive things about this statue is that is has been made with a new kind of concrete which doesn’t need cement. This change reduces what is known as the carbon footprint of this statue by over 70%. This means that less carbon dioxide is released into the air when this concrete is made than when ordinary concrete is. Again, this statue is presenting a message of hope for the future in the fight against climate change. There are more poems on stones on the ground near the statue which spread this hopeful message.

So, to sum up…

These statues are representing the important link between how we treat our planet and how we ourselves feel. If you want to reach out about how you are feeling, the statue in Cuningar Loop has links and materials nearby to help you!

Where can I find out more?

To find out more, visit their website – thehopesculpture.com


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