WATCH: Interview With Glen Adams – Student Studying Political Journalism At Edinburgh Napier University

WATCH: Interview With Glen Adams – Student Studying Political Journalism At Edinburgh Napier University

       By: James Marshall, Cameron Lobba, Emma Neil & Farheen Amjad







During our interview with Edinburgh Napier student Glen Adams – who is currently studying political journalism – we were able to gather an amazing look into the importance of COP26 and the roles of young people to help solve this climate emergency. 

Glen writes for a geo-political and politically based news website called ENRG Debrief.


What does Glen want to see achieved at COP26?

When we asked Glen what he wants to see achieved at COP26, he stated: “I would like to see results.” 

Glen went on to say that he wants the leaders of the world to join together to combat climate change. He is optimistic for a deal:

“I think that it can be absolutely done as long as we all cooperate.”

Why should the young people care about COP26?

When asking Glen why he thinks the young people should care about COP26, he told us that “the young people should care massively,” which shows how important climate change should be to the younger generation. He also says that “if COP26 isn’t successful it could affect the rest of our lives.” 

How do we make the young people more aware of the climate emergency?

We asked Glen the ways he thinks young people could learn about the climate emergency. His views were interesting:

“I think education in schools is the way to go whether it be classroom learning or physical initiative.” (doing things without being asked)

Glenn thinks “everyone in primary school should be taught the issues of global warming and the processes (actions) that lead to climate change.”


Do you think the protesters will help achieve anything at COP26?

“Protesters could cause some disturbances, but it is a legal right in our country and I think if they have a strong argument to put to the leaders of the world, then they have every right to protest.”

Glenn ended by giving a short summary to the young people of Scotland, he said to the kids already protesting “good on you.” He also said that “there should be a cause you are incredibly passionate about and well done for getting out and putting it to the world leaders for proper changes about climate change. “

“It can’t be done tomorrow, it can’t be done the day after, it has to be done today and now.”


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