Week 3

Wow what a busy week!

This week we are learning about the colour Orange.  Ruby, Greg and Drewie made some orange playdoh.  They and fun testing different smells and oils to add to the playdoh to make it smell delicious.  The cakes and biscuits they baked in the play house were amazing!

We re-visited our Colour Monster story and tried sorting all the different coloured feelings into our own jars, just like the story.  It was a bit tricky but everyone enjoyed using tweezers to pop the pom-poms in the jars.

There was loads of cool items brought in from home for Show and Tell which we enjoyed seeing at together time. It was great to practice talking in front of an audience and our older bairns were fantastic role models for the younger boys and girls who had never done Show and Tell before.  Drewie brought in fresh carrots from home which Junior carefully prepared and served for snack.  Well done everyone!

We enjoyed some time in the play room with the climbing frame, trampoline and soft play.  then we relaxed with the sensory tent and looked at different colours of light we could make.

Our favourite thing this week has been building!  We’ve experimented with lots of things to build with;  wood, plastic, foam and cardboard.  We’ve also discovered different ways to knock our building down with; feet, hands, balls and blowing!  We’ve built walls, towers and pyramids and we’ve practiced balancing to see how high our towers are.  Magnus used his body to measure how tall his tower was, while Michael and Katie used a ruler.

We missed the rain this week for splashing in puddles, so we experimented with different ways to play with water.  We used paint brushes to paint the shed and fence.  We also used paintbrushes to write our names and make pictures on the ground.  Then we added some soap to make bubbles with our tennis rackets and wash the babies.

Everyone enjoyed using different lengths of pipe to make different gradients of ramps to race cars down, then they used water down the pipes to see which pipe made the water in the water wheels go fastest.  Willum was keen to visit the forest, so we went on a forest adventure to find some Orange Autumn leaves, then we hung them on our Nursery tree for our new Autumn season.

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