Week 2

We are all having so much fun discovering our new environment and thinking about new things we’d like to do.  We add our ideas to the board and then we explore the ideas in our play.

We have had fun exploring dry sand and the different things we can do with it.  We have also been reading the Colour Monster book and discovered that the colour Red represents the feeling of Anger.  We discussed what made us angry, and thought about what we could do to help us when we’re angry.  We loved pouring dry sand into containers, so used this idea to make stress balloons to squeeze if we ever have feelings of anger.  Junior and Callum love playing with cars and used the cars in red paint to create pictures.

We have enjoyed some nice weather outside to play in but missed the rainy puddles so we made our own to splash in.  Elsie and Connal used wood to help build a new water tray and Michael used wood to build a tower with ramps for his cars to roll on.

We had a trip to the shop to buy snack and helped each other remember how to stay safe near a road and remember our shopping list!

Elsie and Ruby used loose parts and different materials from the house to create pictures and practice mark making.

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