Burravoe Primary School

Mia’s Enchansia


There was a dog named Misty. She was always finding ways to keep clean. Every step she took, she led a trail of silver, shimmering, glitter. That’s how people could tell where she had been. Her coat was the most beautiful thing; shiny, gold, priceless. She went for a gentle walk and found herself on an old, yet full of life, looking beach. There were lots of wood and seaweed washed up from the wavy sea. The fresh air from the sea smelled wonderful. She found a painted boat with paddles and thought she could have a go at making shu shi (even though he had never done it before). The paddles were multi-coloured and were a bit too long for the dog. He left the noisy beach and paddled away. When he got going there was a big storm, there was a whirlpool forming, thunder and lightning, blasts of wind…. but then, all that stopped. In-front of the boat there swam a mermaid called Jessica. Her hair was a lovely pink, her scales on her tail were glimmering in the sun and she had a beautiful singing voice. She said as softly as ever,

“Jump in the water, I will show you a special underwater kingdom for mermaids and mermen”.

“Misty said No, my coat will get all wet and I can’t breathe underwater!”

“Well if you eat this leaf of the plant of magic then you can breathe underwater.”

“I can’t. Can you smell my magic?  See the glitter, feel my coat? Do you recognise me? I am Enchansia, Zamzar’s puppy but Misty’s my nickname. I can’t go because if I did, my magic would turn black”.

“No I cannot accept that, I was sent here by the ocean rulers to get you down here. They need you, we all need you”. If you don’t come I will put a curse on you.

“I will come and risk getting itchy skin and my magic safe.” So she did. She leapt out the boat, ate the leaf and sank. She swam as far down as she could and then she reached an underwater water kingdom. She saw lots of hidden treasure, ruby, diamond and emerald jewels, treasure chests and big diamond castles. It felt like she was having a dream. Misty lost Jessica on the way but found her standing next to a merman that looked like the king. He said with a very strong voice “WHAT IS THIS DOG DOING HERE?” Misty looked confused, she was invited and almost forced to come. She couldn’t refuse so why was he cross. Jessica said “She followed me here father, I told her not to but she didn’t listen” Misty was trying to swim up to the surface but the bad magic was inside her. She had some dust so she splashed it over her and swam fast because the dust might run out. She got up to the boat and rowed back to shore. Misty’s friend Whiskers was looking for cats at the shore and spotted Misty. He took her to her home and helped her to recover.

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