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Rovers Tale of the Sea

One spooky stormy night, a dog called Rover, who was black and white and had a red collar,  was walking into and deep dark forest. He heard things like twit two wooo, dooo nooooot eeeeenter. He heard twigs and leaves crunching under his paws then he suddenly started smelling a smoky smell. There was a moments silence then suddenly heard a BANG! He jamp with fear and then he ran to the beach, he found a boat which was covered with fish blood, it stank but anyway he pushed it out to sea and jamp in the boat. Meanwhile, under the water, an octopus was making the water rough then suddenly Rover heard a voice calling, “Help me!” that voice belonged to a mermaid called Layla, she had blonde flowing hair, blue eyes and a sparkly rainbow tail. He rowed over to her in the dinghy.

He let her into the boat but since she was a mermaid he had to keep scooping sea water to make her comfortable, that was making  the boat  heavy. Suddenly, they heard  a slam and the boat started to rock. Layla said, “It is the strongest creature in the world, an octopus.” The boat sank. Layla said, “ Hold onto me so then you can breathe under water.” so they swam. They could hear the octopus gaining on them, then they  swam through a magical portal and just as the octopus  was about to swim through the portal it closed.  They heard a loud SLAM! Then they saw the octopus lying unconscious on the bottom of the sea.

The magical portal lead to a land full of treasure boxes and in them were bunches of gold, silver, rubies and emeralds; every precious stone you can think of. Then they saw an Emerald Castle it was beautiful and it glistened in the sunlight. Then suddenly a merman called King Triton swam out of the castle holding a gold collar   and a gold tiara with a large emerald surrounded by lots of topaz stones. It also glistened in the sunlight. Finally he spoke, he announced, “Three cheers for the dog that brings back my little princess, Hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray!” then Layla shouted out with glee “Daddy!” Rover was confused. Were they meaning him? Suddenly, King Triton beckoned Layla. (Which Rover now knows is King Triton’s daughter.)  Then Triton whispered in his daughters ear, “ Go present that dog with this gold collar then meet me in the main hall, I have  a surprise for that dog.”

So that is what Layla did I got a gold collar and she got the gold tiara; turns out she is the princess of the ocean.  The surprise was  to live under the ocean and I also got asked if I wanted my photo taken  so then they  could make statue of me and then write Rover the hero dog and of course I said yes.

Now I am the royal dog of the ocean. I can also breathe under water; turns out the gold collar helps me breathe under water and I even have my own doggy throne. Layla and her little triplet sisters Lauren, Louisa and Lizzie play with me a lot. Lizzie is the smallest, has brown straight hair with pigtails, she had hazel eyes and a smooth red and blue spotty tail. Louisa was the second youngest she had red wild hair, green eyes and a green and yellow stripy tail. Lauren has jet black hair, bluish greenish eyes and a pink and purple starry tail.

Still me and Layla and sometimes Lauren joins in. We go up to the surface and sometimes I find makeup and accessories that belonged to humans and I give it to Layla.  Once in a while I like to have a short stroll on the beach. Once Layla even convinced her dad to give her legs just so she could explore too. But now Layla is a lot older and she married to a merman called John who has brown hair and hazel eyes and an orange tail. They had two children called Bob and Ella.

Ella has dark blonde hair which is dip dyed violet. Ella has blue eyes and freckles and she is 14; her tail is blue with big dots of glitter. Bob has black hair he has a bright green tail he has geeky glasses and he is 10. I go and visit Layla a lot but sometimes Ella has her friends over for the night. Sometimes I try to leave but Ella always grabs me and tickles me. She also holds me still while her friends cover me in makeup then Layla comes up to her room and then she takes me down stairs and takes the makeup out of my fur. When Ella and her friends fall asleep she takes me home and then it happens all over again. Sometimes I don’t actually go home because sometimes it is to stormy so I hide under Layla bed until she knows it’s safe to go home.  Sometimes Ella is still awake so I hide to avoid being covered in makeup; don’t tell Ella!

By Kerry (P4)

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