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Phoebe’s 100wc number 9


Hi my name is Katie.  I love chocolate it is so amazing. When I eat it sometimes I eat it all and sometimes I don’t. Today I went out shopping and I left some of the chocolate on the table for when I came back. When I came home I saw that half of what I had left was gone. I have a pet that sometimes eats chocolate so my cheeky dog ate it. By the way my dog is called Chocy it is a funny name don’t you think. I think chocolate is so good so does my dog.


  1. Hi Phoebe
    My sister has the same name as you and is an amazing writer just like you!! I think that is really funny as I do that but it will be my Dad or my sister that ate it!!!

  2. Hi Phoebe,
    I enjoyed reading your piece of writing about chocolate…. I particularly liked the humour you added with the stories of Chocy the dog eating chocolate!
    Well done.

  3. Dear Phoebe,

    Your post was amazing!
    I also like chocolate.
    Is chocolate your favorite food?
    I really look forward to reading your next story!


    • Well I wouldn’t say it was my favourite food because I am allergic to dairy but I do like the smell of it. Thanks for the coment it was very kind of you.

      Phoebe Burravoe Primry School

  4. Dear Phoebe your comment was spectacular! Do you know why chocolate makes you fat? It’s because it has coco and sugar in it, coco and sugar are unnatural. Do you ever eat any kind of different candy? Is chocolate the only candy you like?

    From AJ

    • I like stees isweel well I don’t really eat chocolate. Thanks for the coment it was very cool 🙂

      Phoebe Burravoe Primary School

  5. Dear Katie ,

    I really like your challenge.You put i a lot of detail of how much you like chocolate. you ended with a positive feeling which is great too.Keep up the good work !

    Sincerely Ariana

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