Burravoe Primary School

Mia’s 100 Word Challenge


I went out to dinner with my friends, Jack, Sarah and Tom.  We went to T.G.I Fridays we were just sitting down to dinner when there was a huge explosion.  I was unconscious for a while, and when I woke up Tom, Sarah and Jack were sitting beside me, they were frightened.  It turned out the explosion was a bomb.  The firemen and ambulance crew came in.  The firemen put out the fire and we were all taken outside, it was then that we realised that the Queen had been eating their too and she was the target.  Luckily there was only minor injuries and everyone was OK.


  1. Dear Mia,

    It sounds like you had quite an adventure with your friends.
    Was the story real.
    I know I wouldn’t want to be in a situation like that.


  2. Hello Mia
    Well Done!
    From Charlotte

  3. Great drama inclued in your paragraph also i think it is really good how you combin everything together.
    Mabey next time tell everyne how th fire started.

  4. I like your story. I like how it is based at TGI Fridays because it tastes good and I like explosions. Thank you!

  5. Good job, Mia. That would be very scary.
    What happened to the Queen.

  6. I really liked your post. The explosion must of been big if it made you unconscious. Great post.

  7. I really liked you post. My favorite part was when you said the queen was sitting in the restaurant. I also thought the part you put so that there was a little mystery after the bomb blew up. This was a very good post.

  8. Very nice! Your 100wc it was very exiting to read, I wish I could read a whole story on that. One thing is that you need to put more adverbs in the story.

  9. Very good description. Maybe next time you could describe more about the explosion.Well done.

  10. Great job! What happened to the Queen? Why was “we were just sitting down to dinner when”, is underlined? Were there any guards there with her? Your story was very interesting and very fascinating I liked it!

    • I put the it underlined because that was the prompt this week for the 100 Word Challenge. If I had more words I would describe it better! I didn’t really think about bodyguards but she probly wouldn’t be in T.G.I Fridays.

      From Mia 🙂 (the person who wrote it)

  11. I like the last line. When you finish this piece of work can you tell me;

    What the explosion looked like?

    What the explosion smelt like?

    What noise did the explosion make?

    What did it feel like?

    I can’t wait to read your final draft.

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