Burravoe Primary School

Trip to Jarlshof


We went to the old crofthouse Museum there where a spinning wheel and they where a boxbeds and there where  a curten and they were a  there as well and we went to Jarlshof  and we went to see the Bronze age  houses and there snow and hail  and my trousers where wet  and we had our lunch in the Museum and we got to bue some stuff at the shop and got ocain slime and you get a gift it and it was fun and we had to go in the weelhouses we had a map 7 was stewart mansion  and we the 1 was the first one  was the bigening.


  1. I would really like to go to that for a trip! I would enjoy to discover what they are like! I would just like to ask a question… What is it like to live on that little island in scotland, and How many people go to your school, also is it quiet in your island?

  2. Hi guys,
    Where is jarlshof? I wish I went On that trip , it sounded like alot of fun. It sounds like you discovered alot of things and learnt alot of things. 🙂

    From Daniel

    New Gisborne Primary School 🙂

  3. Dear Leah,
    It sound like you had lots of fun. I wish that I could have been there. I have alwase wanted to do something like that. Whats it like being in a school of twelve.
    From Mitchell.

    • It is good because it is fun I like being with the little ones and the bigones and it is not to big and we work together and we go in pairs to do some work and we are great learners. I like when we all play outside together. We all know each other and where we live.


  4. Dear Leah,
    Sounds like a great trip, I hope you had a great time there.
    I wish I went there, It would be amazing to see the spinning wheel.
    I have never seen a spinning wheel before. What does it do ?
    In Australia it is nearly winter and I’m starting to get cold. Right now it is sunny and some of us are still in shorts. I hope your weather gets better.
    From Bonnie at New Gisborne Primary School.

  5. Hello,
    Sounds like you had lots of fun on the trip. What is ocain slime? The oldest building I’ve been to was 40 years old or more.

    From Travis
    New Gisborne Primary School

  6. Hi,
    It looks really cold in the picture. What is it like there and was it exciting? Did you enjoy it? I want to go there it looks really cool. Well bye it was nice to be able to post this comment.

    From Jack
    New Gisborne Primary School

  7. Hi, I’m Jessica from New Gisborne P.S,
    It must have been pretty cool to go on excursion to a historical place. Do you know what actually happened at Jarlshof in the earlier years? I would really like to find out. All the year 5s from our school went on a historical walk through New Gisborne. The oldest building on a walk was the ‘Whistle Stop Tavern’ which was built in 1853. All of you looked very cold in the pictures. What season is it over in Scotland because it looks like winter?

    From Jessica.

  8. Hello Burravoe Primary School,

    Your trip to Jarlshof must have been fun. You look very cold. It’s nearly winter here and we’re hardly wearing jumpers. Today is about 20 degrees, Celsius.

    The oldest building in New Gisborne was built in 1853.

    How old was the crofthouse?

    Yours sincerely,


    New Gisborne Primary School.

  9. I bet that field trip was FUN!!! What is ocain slime

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