The Christmas Party

On Friday it was the Christmas party. I helped my mam by putting a apple and orange in each party bags and trust me their was loads! Jayde came and helped me and we finished them in like half an hour! The party began and Me, Jayde and Nicole danced and talked until we all played party games! We played Musical bumps but everyone their was so good at it we had to play Musical statues! We also played Musical arms which is a game when there is people in a line and hook their arm, The other people go around them and when the music stops you hook into their arm. Its kinda like musical chairs. We also play the grand old duke of york. My mam came around with ice cream, everyone was so exhausted that they ate it all! After that SANTA CAME! Santa gave everybody there presents my dad helped by shouting out the names for the children to come and get their presents. We had to sing songs to make santa come in. I got a ncklace making kit as my present. After we had a few more games and we could do what ever we wanted after that. After the party, Me and Lucy played a throwing game while the adults were clearing up in the kitchen. It was a very exhausting and fun night!

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