Burravoe Primary School

RC Woodland


On the 6 of November 2010 at a woodland in Shetland it was RC Monster Truck day

RC Woodland

On the 30th of February 2010 at a humid woodland in North Mainland it was RC Monster Truck day. My monster truck was tall and red with two white stripes down the middle. It was a great drifter because it had a limited slip diff. I walked to the woodland and turned on my truck. There were lots of different trucks racing around.

I looked at the leaves falling off the deciduous trees. The first competition was to see how many fallen pine cones could fit in the back of the trucks. A man called Sean won. Sean’s truck was low and gold with a skull on the bonnet. Mysteriously a huge pine cone fell from a pine tree and knocked off one of my wheels. “Oh no” I sighed so I got my tools and got a screw and fixed it.

The second challenge was a crash test. Everyone tried and then it was my turn. I decided to put tons of power but that was stupid and rabbits evacuated from the tree. The rabbits shot in to gazillions of rabbit holes. “Shoot, I think I dented the tree” I said, ignoring the rabbits. “HA HA HA!” laughed all the other guys. In the last quarter of that event a man called Jim came with a CHAIN SAW to cut down a tree. “The chain saw doesn’t work” he said and carried on walking.”That was weird” we all whispered at the same time. We went back to what we were doing in the first place. I’d won!

The third event was to drive through a muddy hole but it started to rain. We went to trees and sheltered. The rain stopped and the muddy hole was now even muddier. I had the advantage of 4wd and I won. “OH YEAH PARTY” I shouted like I had never won before.
The fourth event was a jump test but the ramp was all soggy from the rain and had snapped somehow. We decided to make one from leaves and pine cones. We put a row of pine cones and pinned one end of the leaves on the ground and laid the other end of the leaves on the pine cones. ”There” we said. Everyone jumped (kind of) and, a few repairs of the ramp later, it was my turn. Mine was so heavy it didn’t even jump. Sean won, boo hiss.

That would have been the end but Sean and me were tied so we had a race. Everybody stood next to trees to make an oval. 3.2.1 GO! We set off. He was faster on the straights but I was faster at the corners and because of that I, err, accidentally crashed and I lost. “NO!” I cried.

Well that concludes the only time I lost. “NO WAIT” cried Jim “I got my chain saw working” Brrururururummrurm.                        



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