My Holiday

On my holiday I went to auntie Elaine and uncle David’s wedding. I went there in a bus, when we arrived we just waited around the café where they were getting married. When the wedding started Christopher was running around the front and came for a lift with me when we stood up. After we went to the dance and me and some of my cousins played around the hall because it is like a maze! In a secret room that I found there is a football table so my cousin James and his friend and me played with it. We played it until the end and I went home on the bus.

I also played the PS2. I played The Simpsons Hit and Run. I drove around doing missions and blowing up cars. I found the ROCKET CAR and got it to jump into the playground.

I went to James’ house we had two games of draughts I won the first game but I was silly on the last game so James won. After we played monopoly with Feionne, I was in the lead but mam came to fetch me James says he won, Hmmm.

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  1. User deactivated

    Did you have fun playing games with me and Feionne? I liked your writing because it was easy to understand. And I am ready for a rematch if you want to try agean.


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