wood dens

Making dens in Voxter Wood

At Voxter wood me and Brydon saw dens that people made. We tried to make one each, they were pretty good but we ran out of time so they weren’t as good as the other people made.  But it was still fun nobody else in our school made one I think they were both different but still good. We used sticks that we found on the ground or somebody else had cut them down. People had also made swings and things. Brydon stuck sticks up against the tree. I found a tree with three big branches and stuck a triangle shape for the roof structure and then I made a roof and balanced sticks at the back.

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  1. Miss Alder

    Thanks for leaving a comment on our Blog. The older kids in our class (8 years old) have just started to learn English. They are very interested in looking at blogs in English now. I hope you don’t mind that we added you to our blogroll.

    Have a great time in Shetland, and enjoy your time at school!

    Miss Alder.


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