A brighter future

We are excited to look beyond the challenges and negative impacts of the fire and Covid 19 to a brighter future for our school as we move into a brand new building in the next few years. Understanding who we are and what we want our school to be has helped us navigate through the challenges we have faced together so far.

Our new motto

Our young people were keen that we review our school motto to bring it more in line with our new vision and purpose.  In October 2022, our community voted for our new motto:

Mente Manu Corde
(with mind, hand and heart)

with mind

Mind: Intellectually Enriching

We all value Learning and strive to take ownership of our learning. We understand the importance of high attainment and all of our young people will be supported to attain to the highest level they can. We encourage taking risks in our learning and recognise that mistakes are a crucial part of the learning process.

Hand: Physically Empowering

We aim to be a healthy and thriving community where everyone understands how to enjoy the best physical health possible and how to stay physically safe. We actively encourage all to participate in our extensive extracurricular offer and to contribute positively to our environment. We expect everyone to adhere to our Positive Relationships policy in our efforts to ensure all can feel empowered in our school.

Heart: Emotionally Nurturing

Every member of our community is supported emotionally regardless of their gender, sexuality, race or religion. We will respect everyone’s rights and actively strive to make everyone feel safe and supported throughout their time at our school.



How our new vision was crafted

Where we were

A lot has changed since putting together our vision and values for 2020. After the fire in 2019 and the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic from 2020 onwards, a review of our school’s Vision, Values and Aims seemed crucial to help us refocus and unite as a community with common values and purpose.

Moving forward together

Since 2021, we’ve been talking to and engaging the school community to understand exactly what we want and need our school to be. A group of students representing each year group became our core vision focus group who contributed the ideas that were then taken to our Community Council and partners for feedback. It was important that the final vision be formed as a team effort by our young people and key stakeholders in the community.

Our community were unanimous in their desire to keep the values of Compassion, Wisdom, Integrity and Justice at the core of everything we do:



The values of our school remain unchanged. These are taken from the mace of the Scottish Parliament: Wisdom, Compassion, Integrity and Justice. We aim to exemplify these values in our actions and encourage each other to live by them. Our decision-making and strategic planning are founded on these values and it is fitting that they capture the essence of our school motto: Mente Manu Corde (with mind, hand and heart).


When making decisions we will apply our knowledge, experiences, understanding, common sense and insight. We understand that, at times, the rights of our community members may be conflicting and we will always consider our values to help us arrive at the right decisions. We are all committed to learning every day.


We care about each other, the wider school community, and the whole of society. We see ourselves as global citizens with a responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We try our hardest to understand those who hold different values and beliefs and celebrate our differences.


We promote and practise our values in our actions and reflect these values in our policies. We aim to face our challenges, identify areas for improvement and focus on meeting learners’ needs by applying these values with honesty and transparency.


We treat everyone fairly and always strive to provide equal opportunities. The safety and happiness of our school community members will be prioritised as we aim to deliver the very best opportunities for all to achieve and surpass their ambitions. We believe in, and are committed to, being an inclusive school.