In addition to the general materials for supporting learners that are provided here, a page called Supporting Learning at Home can be found in each departmental site. You can access the department areas via the left-hand menu on PCs and laptops, and by scrolling to the very bottom of the page to the menu in red on tablet and mobile devices.

Study Strategies

Study Strategies Pupil and Parent Guide

Accessibility Tools

Our 1-1 device provision means that our learners have a variety of useful tools available to meet specific learning needs. We recognise that parents are best-placed to support their child if they are well informed about the tools available and how your child can use them. A range of videos have been prepared by SBC Inspire Learning Team to support the use of a range of tools. Please use the link below:

Key Accessibility Tools

The tools covered includes help to use screen readers, speech to text, background sounds, support for bilingual learners etc.