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Scottish Opera

P5, 6, 7 had great fun today rehearsing and performing 1719! with the Scottish Opera.

1719! travels back to a key moment in Scottish history to tell the story of the Jacobite Scots locked in a desperate struggle to restore the House of Stuart to the throne of Great Britain, while the Hanoverian King George argued with other European rulers over the lands and riches of the New World. King Philip of Spain sent troops and money to help the Jacobites in an attempt to distract the British government from this dispute.

Pupils went back in time 300 years when the Jacobites and their Spanish allies gathered in Glen Shiel for battle with King George’s forces, in what was the last close engagement of British and European troops on British soil.

It was an amazing way to learn about one of the most dramatic and exciting periods in Scottish history.

P6 trip to Culzean

On Friday 7th September, the P6 visited Culzean Castle to study biodiversity as part of their Science topic. This is what they had to say about the trip:

“We went pond dipping and we caught newts in the pond. We went deep into the forest to look at the diversity of plants and animals. We had two rangers, Ian and Kate, who taught us about biodiversity.” Jayden and Scott

“When we arrived at Culzean we went on a walk with our ranger, Kate. we were identifying leaves. I found a lime and a beech leaf. Then we looked at invasive plants: rhododendron and bamboo. Bamboo has a great story! We have no pandas  in Scotland but years ago the people that lived in Culzean wanted to look fancy because wealthy people grew bamboo. To get rid of an invasive plant you have to remove all the roots. When we went pond dipping we found newts, leeches and waterboatmen. We even found two rare newts!” Charlotte

P4 trip to Vikingar

Last week Primary 4 visited Largs to enrich their learning about the Vikings. This is what they had to say about it:

“It was very cool because we went in a longhouse and we saw a longship. The longhouse was also a bedroom and a kitchen. We got to try the helmets on and they were very heavy. We also went a walk to the Viking village. There were lots of Vikings there and the first tent we went they showed us where the Vikings would have slept. We also got runes painted on our hands we had lots of fun.” 


Forests, Farms and Mines Day 5

We had lots of exciting experiences today. Every class had the opportunity of being mammal detectives with the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

Some of the classes had a visit from Mr Robertson, the Climate Challenge Officer, from South Ayrshire Council. He told us all about climate change in the local area and the skills you need for his job. He also gave use ideas about how we could make a difference to the climate.

A lecturer from the SRUC, Mrs Gray, taught us all about different plants and trees and how to identify them – this will be useful when we go for a walk along the river!

Mr McLeish, an operations manager from QTS, came to tell us all about  his job of overseeing the de-vegetation of the railway lines across Ayrshire and Scotland.

Article 29
Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.

Scottish Showcase

We really enjoyed sharing our learning and performing to our friends and families during our Scottish Showcase. To celebrate St. Andrew’s Day each class studied an aspect of Scottish Culture and learned a Scottish song. P6 and P5 also shared the social dances they had learned for the Day of Dance in Troon. We found out all about the diversity of Scotland, the food, famous Scots, artists, Viking attacks, the Wars of Independence and the History of Ayr. The show was a complete sell-out. If you saw the show, please leave us a comment.


The Big Splash! 2017

Thank-you to all parents who came along on Monday to see the pupils work and learning from ‘The Big Splash!‘ fortnight. All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the learning experiences and had insights into the different careers and jobs available in the local area connected with the sea. Pupils were given the opportunity to consider the skills they would need for the many different jobs. A selection of photos from the different experiences is in the gallery below and please look at the class blogs for further information about the event. Please leave any comments by clicking on the link above.

The Big Splash!

Holmston’s ‘Big Splash’ launched today with the P6 visiting Millport and the P1 and 2s going to Culzean. We also had visitors from Ayr Port to teach us all about the  jobs that are needed to ensure that the ships dock and can be loaded or unloaded. We also had representatives from BAE systems to show us how naval ships are designed and built. They told us about the many different jobs from designers and builders to bakers and doctors that all contribute to getting a ship to sail.

The Navy comissions HMS Holmston to be designed and built.