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Holistic Assessment – Term 4

P5-7 pulled many skills they had developed and knowledge they had gained to produce some fantastic presentations.


Worked in pairs to gather natural materials from our local beach and used the materials to create a collage. The collage was in the form of a mascot for plants. This mascot needed to have a name and the pupils had to explain why the mascot has certain features and attributes (character description). Pupils will had an opportunity to sketch a plan/design of the mascot before creating the mascot. Once they had created the mascot they continued to work together to write a poem (pupils choice – acrostic, rhyming, free verse, shape) The poem was delivered to the class by the mascot.

They used notes from previous research, activities and tests relating to this topic.

They shared the mascot and poem with the rest of the class and received peer assessment.


Learning Intentions

Convey what all living things do.

Research and present how plants reproduce.

Design and create a collage using natural materials.

Explain the reasons for my design choices.

Present information about plants though the medium of poetry.


Success Criteria

I can explain how plants reproduce.

I can explain the lifecycle of a plant.

I can combine natural materials to fulfil a design brief.

I can use my own notes from more than one source to select and organise information and to develop my ideas in order to help create my own text – a poem.

I can use relevant technical language that adds accuracy to my writing.


They had a design task….

Design Task:                                                                                                                Work in pairs to gather natural resource which will be used to create a plant mascot.   This plant mascot needs to have a name and you must write a poem for the mascot. The poem should include details of what a plant needs to grow and survive, how plants reproduce and what all living things do (MRS GREN).

Design your mascot by sketching a rough plan. Explain why you chose certain materials or for your mascot to have certain attributes.


E’s & O’s

By investigating the lifecycles of plants and animals, I can recognise the different stages of their development SCN 2-14a

I have the opportunity to choose and explore an extended range of media and technologies to create images and objects, comparing and combining them for specific tasks. EXA 2-02a

I can make notes, organise them under suitable headings and use them to understand information, develop my thinking, explore problems and create new texts, using my own words as appropriate. LIT 2-15a

Having explored the elements which writers use in different genres, I can use what I learn to create stories, poems and plays with an interesting and appropriate structure, interesting characters and/or settings which come to life. ENG 2-31a

Award Of Ambition 2017

We are very proud of our P7’s for completing their Award of Ambition.  They all took on new challenges and made a huge effort to try new things.  We’d like you all to enjoy the presentation they made to display some of the things they did to achieve this award.  Please enjoy and share Fisherton primary’s very own version of ….

‘Castle On The Hill’


Thanks to P5 & 6 for their help with writing the lyrics and recording the song.

We hope Ed Sheeran likes our version too!

Creativity with Culzean Clay

We had great fun being creative with  Culzean Clay to create models of sea creatures.  These will be on sale at our ‘Fisherton Festival’ on the 28th of June.

We had great fun being creative with  Culzean Clay to create models of sea creatures.  These will be on sale at our ‘Fisherton Festival’ on the 28th of June.

We had collected this clay while we were exploring the caves at Culzean during our residential visit.

We talked about how the clay smelled and it reminded us of our time in the caves at Culzean.  We thought the clay looked like chocolate and wondered if it might taste like chocolate brownies!! The clay felt very soft and squidgy, and it made a thudding sound when we dropped it on the table.

Dolphin House 2017

We have arrived and the bed making giggles have begun!

Fun first day….. Park walk, beach talk, cycling, marshmallow toasting, hot chocolate drinking movie night awesomeness.

Day 2….

Beach yoga, perfect porridge, teepee playing, coasteering and rock pooling……all before midday!!

And the activities continued all day in the gorgeous sunshine!

Day 3 activities included more abseiling, caving and archery.  Nearly time for D.I.S.C.O night!

Famous DH final night disco has definitely not dissapointed! Some awesome moves AND live acts.

Outdoor Learning Day 2

Today got artistic and messy outdoors.  We have been thinking about inherited traits, evolution and why organisms adapt and change over time.  We decide that we would ‘evolve’….hairstyles, wizards and teachers!

After scavenging to find painting tools we got started.  We had to work in teams to complete our creations then explain their evolution process to the rest of the class.

Here is what we thought and learned….