Dolphin House 2017

We have arrived and the bed making giggles have begun!

Fun first day….. Park walk, beach talk, cycling, marshmallow toasting, hot chocolate drinking movie night awesomeness.

Day 2….

Beach yoga, perfect porridge, teepee playing, coasteering and rock pooling……all before midday!!

And the activities continued all day in the gorgeous sunshine!

Day 3 activities included more abseiling, caving and archery.  Nearly time for D.I.S.C.O night!

Famous DH final night disco has definitely not dissapointed! Some awesome moves AND live acts.

4 thoughts on “Dolphin House 2017”

  1. Really miss Martha and Tegwen and the house is SOOO quiet without them so its really weird.
    I am currently slepping in Martha’s room

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