Prize Giving 2018

We had a wonderful prize giving led by P1-3.  There were many successes of 2017/18 celebrated and a few farewells to be made. 


We really have had a wonderful year in Fisherton Primary and would like to thank all our children, families and staff.  The community support we receive is outstanding and helps to make our wee school the excellent learning environment  it is today.  See you all next year!

RRSA – Assemblies

We have had many assemblies this year with UNCRC and RRSA as a focus.  This morning we did things a little differently and decided that instead of assembly we’d have an opportunity to talk about our knowledge, share some of the work we have completed and explore what we think about respecting the rights that people have.

The house captains led the activities and made sure that all the adults and children were involved.  

We stepped inside and tried to empathise with people in situations with their rights not being respected.

We held a quiz, with real buzzers!

We wandered round the art gallery created by P5-7.  The gallery will be displayed in school for all visitors to see tomorrow at our Fisherton Festival.  We hope this will help raise awareness of some of the issues that refugees face.  We left feedback for the artists.


Super Duper

This week Cara, Elsi and Nikkita all received literacy certificates for the super job that they had done on creating Rights Respecting labels for our display boards.

Matthew received a maths award for hi enthusiasm in completing the Rigour Challenges and Christopher received a certificate in recognition of his honesty and responsibility concerning school matters.

Well done winners.

Nevermind Mastermind

 Our P5-7 class were delighted with their end of term holistic assessment! The mastermind style quiz saw them answering questions on:

  • Children’s Rights
  • Life as a Refugee
  • Our Society
  • The World of Work

Outstanding results from our P5-7  Responsible Citizens!

We also had some fun with their specialist subjects!

A few of the subjects were:

  • Harry Potter

  • Pokémon

  • Horses

  • Monopoly

  • Starwars

The pupils said:

  • It was a good way to do a holistic assessment because it was fun at the same time.
  • I liked how it was like the TV show Mastermind.
  • When you were under the pressure of people looking at you it felt like everything went our your brain……I still did really well though!
  • I felt really nervous!
  • I liked getting to choose my own subject too.
  • I liked how everyone’s quiz was different and we needed to work out the percentages to see who got the highest score.