Scottish Dancing

Pupils have learned a number of traditional Scottish dances.  They can put sequences of steps together to perform these dances and were encouraged to find fun in the experiences.

Whooping and clapping was essential!!

Words the pupils associate with this learning experience:
Scotland tradition funceilidhawesomesweatingskipping activepartners waltzpatternsenergyclapping great

Science investigation 2 – Taste


Type of Taster Number in class
Non-Taster 2
Taster 10
Supertaster 5

The pupils said:

The food colouring tasted disgusting.

This investigation was quicker and easier than last week.

I thought the bumps were single taste buds but now I know they are groups of taste buds.

I learned new words while investigating taste.

You had to be careful with the food colouring.

We needed to be hygienic all the time.

Tongues have more to them than I thought.



What a Drama!!

The Primary 7s joined other small schools at Minishant Primary yesterday to take part in a Drama Workshop.  They all had great fun experimenting with different ways to use their voices to engage and inspire their younger reading buddies.  They are good to go with the Book Trust shared reading project now.  Well done P.7s.


We celebrated a wide variety of successes in this week’s assembly.

Kyle received an achievement award for his artwork.   Stephen got a certificate for super spelling last week and Matthew was rewarded for his excellent effort in preparing for our Christmas show.  Well done boys.

And the girls were also in fire this week with Cara winning an award for superb homework.  Lucy topped the class with practically perfect punctuation and Nikkita was given an achievement award for all her effort and enthusiasm in class.  Great job girls.

Steven Brown Visit

We have just had a lovely visit from local artist Steven Brown.

Steven answered all of our questions and told us all about his famous paintings. 

We showed Steven the art work we have created based on his work.

He loved them!!!


He then very kindly gave us all a signed copy of his new colouring book 🙂

We couldn’t wait to get started on our favourite pieces

These are the questions we asked Steven …

Do you draw first and then paint? CM

Where do you get your ideas from? LO

How do you focus? AG

Why do you choose bright colours? MD

Is it easy or hard to paint the animals? MYC

How do you paint the colours so neatly? KD

How do you stay in the lines? LD

Do you work independently? HA