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Primary 1 Day 1 Arrangements

Primary 1 will return on Wednesday 12th August, parents are welcome to bring their children to the classroom door. We would request a maximum of 2 adults per child to help to support physical distancing.

Staff will be at the Primary 1 door to welcome your child. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to take photos and celebrate your child’s first day at school. Weather permitting there will be an opportunity to meet other staff in the playground as you arrive with your child. Please observe social distancing while interacting with staff.


For pick up, please stand back from the entrance and children will be released one by one from the door.


For the purposes of the first day we request that pupils arrive and are collected at the following times:


Arrival Time            Pick Up Time

9am – 9.15am          2.30pm                   Primary 1/2 Mrs Sloan and Mrs Maxwell

9.15am – 9.30am      2.30pm                    Primary 1 Mrs McLellan

9.30am – 9.45am      2.45pm                   Primary 1a Miss Johnston


Primary 1/2 will enter through the main Primary 1 door to be consistent with induction, there after they will be using the door at the Primary 2 base. The children and parents will be shown this on Wednesday.

From Thursday 13th August arrangements would be in line with the rest of the school, these will be issued on Monday.

Coronavirus – national school closure

Coronavirus – national school closure

The Scottish Government has announced schools across Scotland will close after Friday.


We are working with them to ensure continued support for children and families affected. We will provide more info as soon as we can.


Please follow the council on Twitter @RenCouncil or visit for the latest updates. Visit for health advice.

P7 Outdoor Learning

@AttainRen @OutdoorClassDay We had a fantastic time for our Outdoor Learning Day! We have been thinking about what Maths means and we how we can use our Maths skills in a new and interesting way.  We decided to use our school playground to create, research, interpret and present our own Maths investigations.  We looked around us to see what problems we could solve.

We then created our own Big Maths Question and worked in small groups to find the answers to our problems.  Some groups decided to investigate the different types of trees in the playground, some used scale and angles to estimate the height of the tallest trees and another group decided to find out how many benches we would need in our playground to have enough seats for everyone!

We then presented our findings to the class through a poster or presentation…one group even recreated a BBC News Report and recorded it for the class!  It was a great use of our school playground and Maths skills.