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P7 Outdoor Learning

@AttainRen @OutdoorClassDay We had a fantastic time for our Outdoor Learning Day! We have been thinking about what Maths means and we how we can use our Maths skills in a new and interesting way.  We decided to use our school playground to create, research, interpret and present our own Maths investigations.  We looked around us to see what problems we could solve.

We then created our own Big Maths Question and worked in small groups to find the answers to our problems.  Some groups decided to investigate the different types of trees in the playground, some used scale and angles to estimate the height of the tallest trees and another group decided to find out how many benches we would need in our playground to have enough seats for everyone!

We then presented our findings to the class through a poster or presentation…one group even recreated a BBC News Report and recorded it for the class!  It was a great use of our school playground and Maths skills.

Garden and Nature Equipment from Aviva

Thank you to the Parent Council Fund Raising Committee for securing funding from Aviva to purchase equipment to enhance the nature garden and playground. The children loved building the equipment.

The nursery will benefit from a planter to add to their garden area. The nature garden has been enhanced with a bug hotel, water butt, compost bin and weather station. All of this will promote teaching and learning across the curriculum. #LearningTogether.SucceedingTogether.