Primary One (2024-2025)

Register your child for school between Wednesday 1 and Tuesday 7 November

If your child will turn 5 between 1 March 2024 and 28 February 2025, you should register them for school.

If you, or someone you’re helping, can’t register online, you can contact your local primary school and make an appointment to register in person during the registration dates.

To register your child to go to another school outside of your catchment area, you’ll need to register them at a school within your catchment area first, then make a placing request.

If you can’t register your child for school till after Tuesday 7 November, please contact your local primary school directly.

Children who will be 4 when school starts in August 2024 can be deferred and get an additional year of free nursery and childcare. Please talk to your child’s nursery or childminder.

Visit Renfrewshire Council’s website to apply for any of the above.