This website will help you to understand more about St James’, it provides essential information which we hope you will find interesting and helpful.

Throughout the session various activities, events and meetings will be arranged in order to involve parents, carers and the community in the life of the school. The process of education starts long before children come to school. It is continuous and parental involvement in education is crucial.

Should you wish to discuss your child’s progress or have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school. A member of the leadership team will attend to your query/concern within the day and if necessary, a follow up appointment with a teacher will be made.

We must work together for the good of all our children and at St James’ partnership between parents and teachers is at the centre of all of our thinking.


Natalie Fitzsimmons
Head Teacher


Article 1 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – or UNCRC – says that all people under 18 have the rights it talks about, no matter who they are.

In Scotland the UNCRC applies to:

  • everyone under 18
  • everyone under 21 who has been looked after or in care

A child or young person doesn’t need to be a Scottish citizen to fall under the Commissioner’s protection— they just need to live in Scotland.