Digital School Award Success

St James’ Primary is delighted to announce that, after a successful validation visit, we have received the Digital Schools Award.

During our visit our staff and pupils demonstrated how the use of digital technology is used to enhance the curriculum, deliver high quality learning and teaching and to provide equity in accessing learning at St James’ PS.

Our pupil Digital Leaders have been pivotal part of our digital journey, not only helping with device management, but also in supporting staff and pupils during ICT lessons. To recognise the important work they do, at our parent and carer ‘Digital Showcase’ event, they were awarded with Digital School Award certificates. Our Digital Leaders were able to talk about how the use of assistive digital technology supported them in accessing the curriculum. Our pupils also shared what they have learned in ICT lessons and how these skills can used in the future.

Our teaching staff were enthusiastic in sharing how digital approaches have increased engagement and had a positive impact on learning, teaching and assessment. Our teachers have engaged in a variety of CLPL opportunities and have upskilled themselves significantly in the use of digital technologies, particularly since the periods of lockdown.

“St James’ is building a strong digital technology culture amongst our whole community. Our school’s progress has been accelerating over the past 4 years as we have been committed to improving digital access for pupils and our staff have further embedded their digital skills developed through periods of lockdown. Digital learning has motivated our staff and pupils and this has led to a strong commitment to further increasing opportunities to use it where it will have tangible impact in improving learning. At St James’ we feel we are now in a position to equip learners to function effectively in the 21st century, a century which life and work will be enhanced, but also dominated by digitisation.” Mr Healy (DHT)