Home Learning W.B 8/6/20

Good morning everyone,

We hope that you had a lovely weekend.

This week our spelling sound is ‘au’ and our words are:

  • fault
  • haunt
  • launch
  • sauce

Next week as part of our Lighthouse Keepers Lunch topic, there will be an activity to make a pully like the one Mr and Mrs Grinling use in the story.  For this activity you will need a string and something to attach to it. The string could be wool, lace, ribbon and the attachment could be a cup, basket or anything of the sort.  We wanted to give you some notice for this to source materials.

Below are some reminders for home learning:

  • Just do whatever you can. We have set some of the work we would usually be doing on those days in school but please don’t feel you need to do it all. We understand that everyone has different circumstances and daily routines. We would be happy if you checked-in with us every day.
  • We sometimes set different levels of tasks .e.g. mild, warm and hot. We always say to complete one of these, however, if you want to keep yourself busy feel free to do more than one.
  • We will continue to have Team Meetings throughout the week.  If you can join us, that would be great. These meetings give everyone a short time to share their news/feelings and hear each other’s voices. I know we really enjoy them and hope you do too.
  • Uploading work: If you are having any problems uploading any work, remember you can always email them to us. Or just let us know on Teams that you have completed the work and we trust that you have!
  • Feedback for your work: We look at your work once it has been submitted/uploaded and give you feedback. Please read the feedback to check for your strengths and next steps.
  • Technical Difficulties: Sometimes documents, powerpoints and weblinks do not work when you try them on your device. Please let us know and we will try to advise you. The sound on some links doesn’t seem to work when it opens in Internet Explorer so another web browser (Chrome) would be better.
  • Chill-Out Zone: Please remember to chat with your friends here. We are loving all of the creative and funny things you are doing in this zone. Please remember not to post personal photos or videos in this area. GIFs and emojis only.

Thank you for your continued support,

Team P2