Homework 13th June

Good morning everyone,

Welcome to another fun week of learning in Primary 2.

Our spelling rule for this week is ‘aw’.


  1. yawn
  2. draw
  3. paw
  4. claw

Our common words are:

  1. following
  2. came
  3. want
  4. show

Write these words another twice in your homework jotter. Create a sentence using one or more of our spelling words. If you want to challenge yourself try writing two sentences using our spelling words.

Try growing one or more of our spelling words. For example: draw – drawing, draws,


Reading books will be issued this week.  If possible ask your child questions about the book to ensure understanding as well as fluency. What was their favourite part of the story? What they did not like? What they think may happen next?

If you have any questions, please get in contact.

Many thanks

P2 team