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Deputy First Minister’s Easter Maths Challenge 2018

All P6 pupils have been issued with a hard copy of the Deputy First Minister’s Easter Maths Challenge or you can access it here to print at home: Easter-Maths-Challenge.  This is a fun way to spend time with the family while developing your maths skills! Although it is aimed at 2nd Level pupils, I am sure everyone could give it a go with a little support!

Have a go and let us know how you got on. The solutions and working will be published at  on Wednesday 4 April 2018.

Skoobmobile Easter Timetable

All activities are free. All children under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult. See below for the timetable or click   Skoobmobile Easter Timetable 2018 A4 for the pdf.

*(Coding sessions must be booked 0141 618 5479. For ages 9 – 12 only) Tuesday 3 April Barshaw Park, Paisley

10.00 – 12.00 arts & crafts (ages 3 – 12)

1.30 – 4.30 (Play in Park/arts & crafts)

Easter activity trail around the park.

Wednesday 4 April AM Lochwinnoch visitor centre car park

10.00 – 12.00 arts & crafts (ages 3 – 12)

1.30 – 4.00 arts & crafts (ages 3 – 12)

Thursday 5 April Gallowhill Community Centre car park

1.30 – 2.30 * Coding (ages 9 – 12)

3.00 – 4.30 arts & crafts (ages 3 – 12)

Friday 6 April Shortroods, Gockston Road

1.30 – 2.30 * Coding (ages 9 – 12)

3.00 – 4.30 Arts & crafts (ages 3 – 12)

Monday 9 April Shanks Park, Johnstone

1.30 – 3.00 (Play in Park)

Easter activity trail around the park.

Tuesday 10 April Marshes Community Stop Paisley

1.30 – 2.30 * Coding (ages 9 – 12)

3.00 – 4.30 Arts & crafts (ages 3 – 12)

Wednesday 11 April Gallowhill Community Centre car park

1.30 – 2.30 * Coding (ages 9 – 12)

3.00 – 4.30 arts & crafts (ages 3 – 12)

Thursday 12 April Shortroods, Gockston Road

1.30 – 2.30 * Coding (ages 9 – 12)

3.00 – 4.30 arts & crafts (ages 3 – 12)

Friday 13 April Robertson Park, Renfrew

1.30 – 3.00 arts & crafts/play in the park

Non-Uniform – Wednesday 28th March

A reminder for all classes (except P3H who will have their own day on Thursday) should wear their own clothes on Wednesday 28th March and bring a donation for Uganda. A letter was issued last week explaining that Miss Cauley will be working in Uganda this summer on a teacher training project in the Masindi region. Any support would be much appreciated. Thank you  in advance.

Big Pedal

Coming soon to Bishopton Primary – The Big Pedal is organised by the cycling charity Sustrans.  Every year they encourage children in schools all over the UK to cycle or scoot to school.  Parents and teachers are encouraged to join in too.  Every journey made is recorded over a 10 day period.  The school with the most journeys is the winner.  Prizes are awarded every day.

In Bishopton Primary, there is a special certificate for each daily class winner and an extra cycle/scooting time awarded to the over all winning class.

We ask that children cycle or scoot to school (but not in the playground before school or on the way home from school).

At some time every day, teachers will take their class to the playground to cycle or scoot and improve fitness , as well as having fun.

We would ask that all children wear a helmet on their bikes and , if they have one, on their scooters. Please make sure all helmets fit properly and are undamaged.

Please help us protect your child’s safety by checking over their bike or scooter before they bring it to school.

If your child has a lock for their bike or scooter they are welcome to use it, as bikes and scooters will be stored in the playground.  Children are responsible for looking after lock keys.

Let’s hope for good weather. Please join in if you have a bike (or scooter!) If you would like to find out more or just keep up with our progress, you can check out the Sustrans Big Pedal website.

Sponsored Readathon

A huge thank you to everyone who has returned their sponsor money to school.  Our total is standing at just over £1000 which is a fantastic amount.  If you have any money still to come in, we will be collecting this week.   Children will be asked for suggestions of books they would like in their class library by their teachers over the next couple of weeks.

Mrs Campbell

World Book Day

Thank you for all of your support and effort for World Book Day.  The children looked fantastic!  Classes have been spending time reading to each other, listening to stories read by teachers and special guests,  including Mrs Twit! 

We have received a great amount of sponsor money already and will continue to collect until Friday 16th March.  All of the money will be put towards buying more reading resources, particularly non-fiction.  We are grateful for every single penny we receive!

We will announce our grand total raised at the start of next week!

Thank you

Mrs Campbell

World Book Day – Monday 12th March

We will finally have our World Book Day on Monday 12th March. Please dress as a book character or wear your pyjamas to enjoy a fun-filled day to celebrate books and literacy. If you don’t want to dress up or wear pyjamas, please wear your school uniform.

We are looking forward to hearing about all of the books you have read for your sponsored read. Please bring any money you have raised on Monday.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to an exciting day on Monday!

Health Week 2018

Health Week 2018 begins on Monday 5th March. We have a very busy week with lots of our talented parents and people from the community  coming in to share their expertise with us.

Please wear gym gear every day as we have lots of activities planned to keep you fit.

Also,  please try to bring one piece of ‘exotic’ fruit to taste as part of our fruit kebabs task on the days below:

Tuesday – Primary 3, 6 & 7
Wednesday – Primary 1
Thursday – Primary 2
Friday – Primary 4 & 5

HW Info Leaflet

World Book Day – Date Change

We are sorry to change the date again but we are going to have to postpone World Book Day until Monday 12th March.

We have a busy week next week with all of the Health Week activities and a few of the Micro-Tyco events will take place then too. We want to give every event it’s own value so will celebrate World Book Day the following week.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope you are staying safe and enjoying the snow!

World Book Day – Postponed until Friday 2nd March

Due to the school closure tomorrow, we will hold World Book Day on Friday 2nd March instead. We know lots of you will have made amazing costumes for your favourite book characters or are looking forward to wearing your pyjamas while celebrating your love of reading!

Why don’t you read some snowy day books today and tomorrow to get you in the mood?

Due to the school closure tomorrow, we will hold World Book Day on Friday 2nd March instead. We know lots of you will have made amazing costumes for your favourite book characters or are looking forward to wearing your pyjamas while celebrating your love of reading!

Why don’t you read some snowy day books today and tomorrow to get you in the mood?


Numeracy Information Evening Presentation & Responses

Thanks again for attending the Numeracy Information Evening last night. If you have not already done so, please complete the feedback form by visiting: BPS Numeracy Information Evening – Parent Feedback. Thank you if you for taking the time to leave your thoughts and comments. I will get back to you as soon as possible to respond to any questions.

Here are some responses to a few questions and comments so far:

  1. Can I have notes from the evening?

Please feel free to download the presentation below:

BPS Numeracy Information Evening Presentation

2. Can I play Kahoot at home?

Yes! I have added instructions on how to play the games I have created at home to all class Blogs:

How to play Kahoot at home

3. Can I have the other Parent Prompt booklets?

Yes. I will add all three booklets (Early, First and Second level) to the ‘Helpful Resources’ section on the school website.

Early Level Parent Prompts

First Level Parent Prompts

Second Level Parent Prompts

I will also add the other resource I mentioned, called ‘Every day is a learning day’. This is aimed at parents/carers of 3-6 years but it gives simple ideas on how to support Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing at home.

Every Days a Learning Day 3to6 Ed Scot

4. How do we monitor the individual levels when using iPads/ICT?

A great question! Depending on the game/app it might give you access to individual pupil results. The Kahoot app and Sumdog both allow the teacher to check on what questions the individuals struggle with so we can provide support or if they are too easy, we can give them more challenging questions. Some other games/apps do not allow the teacher to monitor the results. However, as mentioned these activities are only one way we teach and practise maths concepts.


One of the ways we make learning fun is to play an interactive quiz called Kahoot! This game can test pupils’ knowledge of any subject the teacher creates a quiz about. Pupils enjoy playing competitively against their peers to climb the leader board.  The teacher can download the results at the end to show them how the pupils managed with each question. Are a lot of pupils struggling with their 7 times table? Or 3D shapes? This information can be used to plan future lessons or individual’s next steps.

If you attended the Numeracy Information evening on Tuesday, you would have had a chance to play along with the other parents and carers to test your knowledge of the 72 Learn Its. Although some of you were a little apprehensive at first, it sounded like you were enjoying yourself whilst playing along!

Some parents asked if these quizzes could be shared, so I have listed the current maths quizzes I have created. Please search for my username: karenmmcdowall to find these Kahoots! Read the instructions below to find out how play the games.

  • Learn Its – BMBT 1
  • Learn Its – BMBT 2
  • Learn Its – BMBT 3 
  • Learn Its – BMBT 4 
  • Learn Its – BMBT 5
  • 72 Learn Its – BMBT 6
  • Maths Vocabulary – Word Problems (this tests the pupils’ knowledge of what a maths word means .e.g. ‘difference between’ means subtract)
  • P5 – Mental Maths 1
  • P5 – Mental Maths 2
  • P5 – Mental Maths 3
  • P5 – Mental Maths 4
  • P5 – Mental Maths 5

How to play my Kahoots!

*You will need to log in on one tablet/laptop etc and have another device (for your child) in order to play the game.

  1. You will need to create an account in order to login to start the quiz.
  2. Once you have logged in, search for my username: karenmmcdowall to find all of my maths quizzes.
  3. Select the quiz you want to play .e.g. Learn Its – BMBT 3 and click ‘Play’ on the left-hand side.
  4. Click ‘Classic’ to allow your child or children to play the quiz.
  5. The pin will appear on the next screen. This should be entered on the other device (which needs the Kahoot! app).
  6. Your child can now answer the questions. If you want the questions to automatically move on without you or your child selecting ‘next’, then you need to select this on the screen where you select ‘Classic’.

Good luck and I hope you have fun!

School Football Team Update

The football team played their rescheduled fixture against Bargarran Primary after the recent snow.

After a joint training session a few weeks ago, both teams played out an entertaining draw. It was great to see such positive attitudes during both the training session and the game from both sides.  This was great to see especially with our upcoming transition events as we prepare for Secondary school.

Numeracy Information Evening – Tuesday, 27th Feb 7-8pm

 Please come along to our Maths and Numeracy Information Evening on Tuesday 27th February from 7-8pm. You will learn how we teach maths and numeracy, be given ideas how to support your child and hopefully leave with a more positive attitude towards maths!

If you could download the Kahoot! app to your phone before you come that would be great. Otherwise, you may borrow a school iPad.

I look forward to seeing you.

Kind regards,

Miss McDowall

World Book Day and Readathon

With  World Book Day fast approaching (Thursday 1st March),  we are getting excited about all the costumes and books the children are going to share with us! As previously mentioned, children can dress as a favourite book character or in their pyjamas/onesies.  If they do not want to take part then they should wear school uniform as this is not an own clothes day.,

We are not asking for a donation on Thursday as we are hoping that children have been reading as many books as possible and raising lots of money through our Sponsored Readathon!   Money can be brought in from Thursday in an envelope with your child’s name and class clearly marked.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Campbell

Class teacher/Literacy Champion