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European Day of Languages


The Eagles were learning about Italy.  We can say buongiorno and ciao and count to 10. P 1-3 made pizza plates and added their favourite toppings.  P3 – 5 looked at paintings by Italian artist Arcimboldo who used fruit and vegetables to make portraits.  We had fun deciding which fruits and vegetables to use in our portraits.  P6 – 7 made modern day Mona Lisas. More photos to follow.

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Contemporary German Artists With the Falcons

As part of our European Day of Languages, the Falcons have been learning all about Germany. This morning, they have been learning about two contemporary German artists.

P1-4 have been looking at the work of Astrid Stöeppel. Here are some examples of the work.

P5-7 have been learning about 1010. He is a German street artist who creates 3D illusions on concrete walls. Here are some examples of their work.



School Travel Champions

Your new school travel champions have been appointed from P6G and P6P! They are: Tayla, Cameron, John and Emma. We have conducted surveys in each class to determine how many of us walk or cycle to school. Coming up we will be having a poster competition to encourage walking/cycling to school (details to follow) and each month we will be conducting a walk to school event. We have some fun ideas to encourage everyone to walk to school and each month the best class will get an extra five minutes of playtime! We will keep you updated! img_1448