P5S – Homework w/b 22.5.17

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Good afternoon everyone! I hope you have been having a lovely weekend. It is that time again so please keep reading for a rundown of the coming week. Please remember it is a short week for you as you will finish on Wednesday for the holiday weekend.

Spelling: No spelling this week!

Reading:  Your core reader was issued last Thursday.  Once again, there will be no written homework as we will continue to complete our comprehension tasks for the core readers in class. As always, if there is any vocabulary you are unsure of, please take a note of it and we will discuss it in class.

Please remember to read aloud to someone at home and try to use expression where needed. Your reading feedback form should be completed (if possible) by the person hearing you read aloud. This task should be completed for Thursday 1st June. Your core reader should be brought to school with you each Thursday to allow you to participate in the class lesson. A number of you are forgetting to do so!

Personal Reading Challenge: Our Personal Reading Challenge has began again. You have 5 weeks to reach the target you set last week. Please remember to bring your book to school as this will allow you to read it during our ERIC sessions.

Please remember to record the books in your reading passport as you finish them. The passport is kept in class. Remember this is your record of the number of books you have read so far this term.

Maths:  No maths this week!

If you wish additional practice of your multiplication tables, please use the links below.

Multiplication Trainer

Division Trainer

Topic:  You have a personal project to complete as part of our Titanic topic. You have  4 weeks to complete your project as you will be presenting to your peers on Thursday 15th June. Please click here for all the necessary details. I will go over this task with you in class tomorrow.

  1. Sports Day is on Tuesday (weather permitting). You should come to school in your sports clothes and house colours. Please remember to bring a waterproof jacket. If the weather is nice, (fingers crossed), please remember to apply some sun cream and bring a suitable cap. Please remember to bring a bottle of water.
  2. Our Fairtrade Tuckshop is on every Wednesday. Please remember to check our rota to see if you are in charge of the tuckshop this week. If you wish to buy something, please remember to bring the exact money to school. Details of prices can be found here.
  3. Please remember each group needs 3 empty water bottles (2l in size) for an activity we will be doing in a few weeks (5th June).
  4. School closes on Wednesday and will reopen on Tuesday 30th May.

See you all tomorrow.

Mrs O’Neill

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