P7 Maths Homework – Friday 2nd September

maths 1

Please answer the questions below in your Maths Homework jotter.Remember to write the date, a title and show all of your working, where appropriate. These questions cover maths concepts you have covered, however please use the Online Maths Dictionary to remind you of any maths concepts you may have forgotten.

  1. What is double thirty-six?

  2. What time is it half an hour before eleven o’clock at night? Answer using the 24 hour clock. *You may want to record a timeline to show your working.

  3. Divide forty-two by seven.

  4. Subtract forty-five from one hundred and twenty.

  5. What is two-thirds of one hundred and fifty?

  6. Add twenty-nine to eighty-nine.

  7. Cakes cost one pound twenty-five each. How much do four cakes cost?

  8. Multiply three by eight, then subtract nine.

  9. How many metres are there in half a kilometre?

  10. What is twenty-five percent of six hundred?

  11. A small pizza costs £6.00, a medium pizza costs £7.50, a large pizza costs £9.00 and extra toppings cost 50p. How much does it cost altogether for one small pizza and one large pizza, each with one extra topping?

  12. Subtract one and a half from eight.

  13. Write these numbers in order from smallest to largest. 0.1, 1.2, 0.09, 1.19, 0.89

  14. Two angles of a triangle are fifty degrees each. How many degrees is the third angle of the triangle?

  15. What must be added to eight squared to make one hundred?

  16. What is the total of these numbers: thirty-two, forty-five, sixty-seven, seventy-eight, eighty-three

  17. Sandwiches cost one pound fifty pence each. I buy six sandwiches. How much change do I get from ten pounds?

  18. What number is exactly halfway between ten and thirty?

  19. What is thirty-two multiplied by eight?

  20. Which of these are prime numbers: 31, 33, 35, 37, 39

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