Science. Technology. Engineering .Mathematics Week

      16th September 2019 – 20th  September 2019

Please use the link below to find out the activities which we are taking part in over the course of our School STEM Week.


We had a fantastic S.T.E.M week in School. Some of our pupils have put together an extra Newsletter to share with you some of the learning which took place over the course of our S.T.E.M celebration week.

Day 1 –

On Monday we took part in a lesson call ‘Slippery Slope’. We raced chalk, rubber, coins and rock. We put all of the items down a tray to see which one went the fastest. The chalk won. We learned that how heavy the items were and their shape made them faster.

Day 2 –

On Tuesday we took part in a lesson called ‘Human Transporter’. We ran from one side of the playground to the other dropping books off at each end of the playground. We found that we were able to transport things quickest when using a shop trolley because we could carry more items in it at a time.

Day 3 –

On Wednesday we were visited by a member of the SSPCA. In Class 1 we looked after robot rabbit. We looked at all of the things you need to look after a rabbit. We also pretended to be vets who gave the rabbits medicine when they were unwell. IN Class 2 we built and coded a robot chicken. It was really fun. We could make it light up, move and add in chicken noises.

Day 4-

On Thursday we cut paper into different shapes and sizes. We dropped the paper to see which one would fall down the fastest. We watched a video which showed us what would happen when things fall inside a chamber which had no air in it. We learned about air resistance.

Day 5 –

On Friday we pretended that there was a big river that we needed to cross but the river was going too fast to walk through. We worked in teams to make a catapult to send a note across the river to get help. All of the catapults were different. We launched our catapults at the end.

By Riley, Mathew. Gabriella, Oliver and Lucy E


“I loved when we made our robot chicken.” (Riley Donaghy, P4)

“I enjoyed building the catapults.” (Gabriella Wilson, P1)

“It was fun. I liked the catapults at the end of the week. I was happy that my team won.” (Mathew Hind, P4)

“I liked holding one of the robot bunnies.” (Lucy Edwards, P1)

“Our catapult was different, but it was good and it worked.” (Oliver McDougal-Killen, P1



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