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Science. Technology. Engineering .Mathematics Week

      17th September 2018 – 21st September 2018

Please use the link below to find out the activities which we are taking part in over the course of our School STEM Week.


We had a fantastic S.T.E.M week in School. Some of our pupils have put together an extra Newsletter to share with you some of the learning which took place over the course of our S.T.E.M celebration week.


Day 1 –

We took part in a Maths Challenge on Monday morning. We were asked to use our problem solving skills to find the answers.

By Sofia and Mathew

Day 2 –

We were learning about how sails work and we used different materials to make weather buggies. We used the buggies to test how quickly they would travel depending on how strong the wind was outside. This told us that boats with sails will travel quicker on a windier day as the force of the wind is stronger.

By Connor and Paddyjoe

Day 3 –

We learned about Gravity. We found out that if we didn’t have gravity we would just float. We found out that Sir Isaac Newton first discovered gravity when sitting under an apple tree and wondered why the apples fell down. We learned that ‘whatever goes up, must go down’. We learned that the planets in our solar system are all different and that they have different levels of gravity.

By Izabella and Zoe

Day 4-

We felt soil and explored the different types of soil. You can get silt, sand and clay. All of them hold different amounts of water and air. We talked about the different levels of soil, there was bedrock, top soil and subsoil. Some animals, bugs and worms live on soil and need soil to survive.

By Izabella and Connor

Day 5 –

In Assembly we listened to the story, “The man who planted trees.” This was about a man who selflessly planted trees in a town that had no trees at all. We talked about how important it was to look after our world so that we have trees to help us and animals who live on planet earth to survive and give us oxygen.

We were joined by children from Doodlebugs Nursery. We were learning about fossils. We learned that there were four different types of fossils: body fossil, resin fossils, mould fossils and trace fossils. We were then given some bones and had to problem solve to work out what the animal was. It was the skeleton of an iguana. We took part in an archaeological dig to find different objects in the tub.

By Izabella, Connor, Mathew, Paddyjoe and Sofia


“It has been a fun week.” Izabella


“I think I have learned a bit more about the solar system and gravity.” Connor


“ I think it’s good that we have learned a bit more about our earth so that we can help it to be a nice environment.” Izabella

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