Self – Regulation

Aberuthven Primary School

Our approaches to Self-Regulation

We recognise that pupils learn best when they are in a state of ‘readiness’ to access the learning we provide. As a school community we aim to support all pupil to self-regulate their emotions- to be in the ‘neutral zone’.

3 Step ‘Name it to tame it’ process:

  1. Encourage pupils to recognise how they are feeling both physically and mentally to develop their emotional literacy.
  2. Name the emotion ……eg. ( I can see that you are sad as you are crying)
  3. Co-regulate by engaging child in self-regulation strategy to help them return to the ‘neutral zone’

Self-Regulation Strategies

Self-Regulation strategies we use in our school include:

-Breathing techniques

-Zen Den

-Quiet Space

-Self Soothe Boxes

-Walk around School

-Fresh Air

-Shrink it, shrink it, flick it

-Five Senses

-Thankful Coat

-Power Poses

-Speak to yourself as you would a loved one


– Rest in the Book Nook

-Talking & sharing

-‘They are low, you go high’

– ‘Stop sign’


Reflective Conversation & Future Support- ‘Goal, Plan, Do, Review’

Overall strategic framework:

Step 1:  Goal (Identify Obstacles)

Step 2: Plan

Step 3: Do

Step 4: Review

Step 1:Goal

Support our pupils to identify a SMART goal eg. I will not be as angry.

Step 2: Plan

Talk through possible obstacles and plan 3 strategies which will help to reach their goal.

Step 3: Do

Once a pupil has lived the experience, reflect on strategies they used and how useful they were in reaching their goal.

Step 4: Review

Review strategies which were helpful/unhelpful and amend self-regulation strategies.

Continue to review on a cyclical basis to support pupils in finding the ‘right fit’ to support them in reaching their goal.


Useful Resources:

‘Bounce Back’ by Helen McGrath & Toni Noble

‘My Hidden Chimp’ by Prof. Steve Peters


Information for Parents & Carers

Please see the link below for a short video for Parents, which will provide you with further information about Growth Mindsets, Self-Regulation and suggests some ways you can help build Resilience.

Respect and opportunities for all

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