Outdoor Learning

In 2021/22 we plan to continue working on quite a variety of projects in the outdoors. Some of the projects are personal, such as the John Muir Award while others benefit our school, our community, or even the whole world!

We are fortunate to be joined in these projects by a variety of partners:

1 – John Muir Award

This project encourages us an individuals to think about the outdoors that is on our doorstep and challenges us to: Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share. In term 3 in January 2021 we kicked off with attempting to discover and explore our local environment. Here are a few pictures of our exploring to date.

As Spring and Summer arrived, we’ve worked on all sorts of projects in our outdoor spaces, including planting tatties and trees. The Papay Market Garden have kindly supported us in renovating our greenhouse and it is now full of growth. We have all (including the teachers) learned a lot about planting and growing vegetables. In June 2021, we were delighted to all receive our John Muir Discovery Award. For other updates on our work to achieve this award, see our News/Blog page.


2 – Woodland Trust – Tree Planting Project

This project has the potential for world benefit, as we will be planting over 200 trees in our back field. This project is kindly funded by the Woodland Trust. The trees arrived in late-April and we have been planting them in earnest along one of our fence lines. When we work as a team we are able to plant 30 trees in 30 minutes! Here are a few pictures of us at work.

In June 2021, we had an article about our efforts published in the local newspaper, The Orcadian. Moving forward, we have another 120 trees ordered which we plan to plant around the Market Garden and Papay Kirk.

3 – Vegetable Planting with the Papay Market Garden

We are very fortunate to work with our neighbours the Papay Market Garden who are part of the Papay Development Trust. This project has the potential to support the local community through production of fresh produce. The PDT have provided knowledge, support and materials such as our new vegetable planters. You can see some pictures of the work we have done with the PDT across the website.

You can find out more about the Papay Development Trust here.

More information about what we have been up to in the Spring 2021 term can be found in this blog post.

4 – Becoming an Eco-School

In January 2021 we were delighted to receive funding from the Community Climate Asset Fund. The fund provided us with a grant to support our vegetable growing efforts and our learning about climate change. Throughout Spring 2021 we received a wide variety of equipment from tools to waterproofs, and books to blackboards for our outdoor classroom. Much of the equipment and the results of our growing can be seen above and on the blog page.

As part of this work in 2021/22 we will be documenting our progress and working towards becoming an Eco-School with a Green Flag Award.