Thank you for visiting our school website. My name is Mr Ross and I’m the Head Teacher here at Papay School. Because we are a peedie school (peedie means small in Orcadian) I am the class teacher for three days and a half days a week. Other teachers come to join us for the other two days. On a Monday Mrs Groat comes over on a boat from Westray. Mrs Groat has been coming from Westray for several years and knows Papay and the School really well. On Wednesdays things are a little different because we have three Expressive Arts teachers who come to teach a whole day of either PE, Music or Art. Those days tend to be a lot of fun!

In the coming months I will be adding more information about Papay School to this page and the children in the school are going to help with deciding what to include and writing articles. We will also add posts to the news section about our learning and activities.

If you reading this page because you come to Papay School, why not write about something you’ve learnt for the news page and draw a picture or choose a photo? If you and your family are thinking about coming to Papay and starting at the school you will be most welcome. You can expect to enjoy school and have fun learning because that is one of our most important aims.

Over the months ahead we’ll add information about all of the following.

  • A typical day at Papay School.
  • Things that we love about our school
  • What we learn about
  • How we learn — visiting teachers — outings — outdoors —
  • Pupil Council
  • Key words to know at Papay School

For the time being, here are some photos of what we have been up to recently.