Speakers for Schools Schedule

The schedule for the Speakers for Schools virtual talks for this week is below. The interesting talk subjects range from apprenticeships to film and animation. Don’t miss out!

Mon 15th June 10am Baroness Lola Young, Independent Life Peer & Consultant Baroness Lola Young is joining SFS to share her life lessons and advice with a KS3/S1-3 audience and to discuss the importance of the arts in society.
Mon 15th June 2pm Julian Baggini, Editor-in-Chief, The Philosophers’ Magazine Join Julian Baggini, Editor-in-Chief, The Philosophers’ Magazine to explore the philosophy of personal identity – what makes us who we are. This VTalk would suit KS5/ S5-6 students and students who are interested in Philosophy.
Tues 16th June 10am Dan Snow, Historian and Broadcaster Why History matters? Join us as historian, author and broadcaster Dan Snow discusses the importance of studying history and the lessons you can learn.
Wed 17th June 2pm Dean Beswick, Film and animation company founder, Gorilla Gorilla! Film and animation company founder Dean Beswick is joining us for this virtual talk to discuss his career as a producer and commercial filmmaker, sharing his top 3 life lessons to help you prepare for your future.
Thurs 18th June 2pm In collaboration with Penguin Talks: Mohsin Zaidi & Jessica Kellgren-Fozard How to embrace your Intersectionality
Fri 19th June 10am Charlotte Stacey, Head of UK Apprenticeships Programme, BP Interested in learning about apprenticeships? Join us as Charlotte Stacey, Head of UK Apprenticeships Programme with BP discusses the practicalities of apprenticeships, how they’re structured, the benefits of completing an apprenticeship and the opportunities that exist at BP.

We hope you enjoy some more inspirational talks this week!