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Keep it up!

Well done to Primary 4 to Primary 7 pupils who are still working at home. We are hopefully on the final push now so please keep on signing into your class Team every day and respond to your teacher. Do your work and upload it to the assignments. Please parents encourage your child to do this. We don’t want anyone to lose momentum now! Special shout out to Room 16 Primary 5 because every single one of you signed into your Team yesterday! We check every day so please keep it up!

Nursery Lunch Menu

Week 3 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Hot Option Pizza and tomato pasta (v) Pork sausage  with seasoned diced potatoes Fish fingers*  baby boiled  potatoes Mince and mashed  potatoes Lentil soup  and sandwich triangles (v)
Vegetarian Alternative Not required Quorn sausage with seasoned diced potatoes (v) Baked potato with beans and a side  salad (v) Cheese and onion pastie,  with mashed  potatoes,  (v) Not required
Sweet treat, fruit or yoghurt Fruit or yoghurt Homebaking  or Fruit Fruit or yoghurt Homebaking  or Fruit Fruit or yoghurt

Room 12 Online Homework

Today, all pupils were issued with a small blue jotter. On the front page it has all login details for their online accounts. The jotter can be used to complete homework, but must NOT be returned to school. P6 were also issued with a homework diary.

All homework should be completed and submitted online, through Microsoft Teams. It can be downloaded as an app or accessed via the Glow platform. Please note, if work is completed in the jotters, take a picture and upload to our class Teams page.

Video for First Communicants

Yesterday would have been the First Communion Day for the children of Room 11 and 12.  As a staff team we have always celebrated with the Parish community this wondrous day in the lives of our Pr. 4 pupils and our thoughts and prayers were with them yesterday. We miss the children greatly and hope and pray that the time will come soon when we will see each other in school and can then plan their First Communion Day.

Father Kane has keenly felt for our pupils and made a video message that also featured Deacon David and the Pr.4 staff team.  Father has shared this on his social media platforms.  We have also shared links our Facebook and Twitter so please check it out and share it with your child.  We miss our children and are looking forward to the day when we can welcome them all back to school.

Please clip on the link below.

First Communion Video




In an earlier post information was given that all pupils at school today would be issued with their GLOW usernames and passwords again and that all others are available for pick up for anyone who can. With this in mind, you can access homework packs/suggestions for your child in the following way:

login to GLOW using the username and password (ALL PASSWORDS HAVE BEEN RESET TO ‘pass’. ) Click on the ‘Share point’ tile. This takes you to tiles for P1 to P7, click on the tile of your child’s year group and you will see documents and you can converse with the teacher.