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Gaden Club Outing – Coatbridge Allotments

Yesterday our keen gardeners thoroughly enjoyed a visit to Blairhill Allotments. It was a lovely day and the children learned lots of new things and saw lots of interesting ideas that we can use in our school garden.
Here are some of the activities the children enjoyed –
We saw lots of recycled items being used in the allotments such as – old yoghurt tubs being used for plant pots, pallets used for planting displays, old railway sleepers used for raised beds and growing plants in unusual items like a bath.
We played a guessing game where we had to match the seed to the vegetable.
We saw compost heaps and discussed why gardens need worms.
We saw how a water butt works.
We noticed that some gardeners had planted flowers beside their vegetables to attract bees and butterflies.
A great time was had by all.
A big thank you to Vivien and Kate for organising the visit and activities.

Room 6 News

Room 6 have been taking their learning outdoors. They planted sunflowers as part of a mini IDL theme and they are now following their progress in the school’s greenhouse.

As well as this, they visited the kitchen area during Health Week to make pizzas with a variety of vegetable toppings. They learned about washing hands, food hygiene, preparation, blanced diet and the activity also linked in with their maths work as they were able to cut them into fractions. Lots of fun learning!

Pr.3 and 4 News

Our wonderful Pr. 3 and 4 pupils set off to represent the school for the first time at a Junior Cross Country event that was held last week at Coatbridge Outdoor Sports Centre.  Mrs.Elder reported that the children were bursting with enthusiasm and did a wonderful job.  They were so fit and healthy they wanted to run again. The visit tied in beautifully with the children’s Interdisciplinary Learning on the Olympics.  Later in the week they deepened their knowldege with a visit to Tesco where they learned about the types of food from Brazil and also learned about the diets athletes and sports people need in order to prepare their bodies for competing.  A truly inspirational week.

Pr. 1- 3 Garden Club

What a lovely day everyone had for the first garden club of the year!
The children used their first day to familiarise themselves with where we are now with the garden.
They looked at what is currently growing in our greenhouse.
They investigated the new compost bin and discussed how our school could use it.
They also had a look around the shed and learned about tool safety.
Finally the children watered the plants and had a go using a garden tool.
The children will now help with future plans for our garden.
A great time had by all!