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Nursery Menu

Week 2 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Soup of the Day Lentil soup (v) Vegetable soup (v) Chicken noodle soup Vegetable soup (v) Lentil soup (v)
Option 1 Hot Salmon and sweet potato fishcakes and dip Vegetable  stir-fry (v) Chicken burger with  coleslaw Macaroni cheese  (v) Garlic and chilli spaghetti (v)
Option 2 Hot Chicken curry or vegetable  curry(v) with rice Penne pasta bolognese served with garlic bread Pizza slice (v) Baked potato, baked beans and cheese (v) Fish and chips
Option 3 Hot Deli choice Sweet chilli  chicken wrap Cheese  panini (v) Tuna melt panini Chicken tikka wrap Cheese and tomato  panini (v)
Option 4 Sandwich choice Choice of cheese (v), chicken tikka or tuna mayo Choice of tuna mayo, chicken or cheese (v) Choice of chicken mayo,  ham or cheese (v) Choice of honey roast ham, tuna or cheese (v) Choice of chicken tikka, tuna mayo, or cheese (v)

Option 1 and 2 will be served with vegetable of the day, a mixed salad and a piece of fruit. Option 3 and 4 will be served with soup of the day, a mixed salad and a piece of fruit. Week one menu available week starting: 26 April, 17 May, 7 June, 23 August, 13 September, 4 October.

Head Teacher Update and What’s on this Week?

This is the final week of a what has been a very long and trying term for everyone.  I am sure if you have been working with your children during lockdown you will appreciate this down time just as much as the children and  school staff.  Once again I would like to extend my sincere thanks on behalf of all staff for all that you did to maintain learning during this last term.  As I have stated on many occasions we are in unprecedented times and find ourselves being challenged in so many ways but your ongoing support has been greatly appreciated throughout.  Holy Week will give us all time to reflect and be thankful for all that we have and for all that the good Lord has bestowed among us.  We are truly grateful for Father Kane’s pastoral support during these trying times and the many visits he has made to the school to speak with children,  offer pastoral support and prayers for pupils, families and staff,  carrying out Confessions and serving Mass for our senior pupils.  We are eternally grateful.

The end of our school week last week was marked by two positive cases within our community and the resultant action that now requires a significant number of children to self isolate.  Can I once again appeal to all parents to drop off and leave in the morning and not stand at the school gates (blocking entrances and requiring children to squeeze past congregating adults ).  There are signs outside the school from NHS Lanarkshire highlighting the need to maintain 2 metre distance and to wear a mask.  Please also abide by the current restrictions that only permit socialising outdoors for a limited number of people.

Monday 29th


9.00- 9.45 – Rm 7 and 8  – Mass with Father Kane in hall.

Nursery will be using Rm 6 for morning snack – 9.00 – 10.00 – due to repairs being carried out in the nursery.

Confessions – pm

CDocherty 3.30pm- 4.00pm –itrent training – teams

CDocherty 4.00pm – Outcome Star Training – teams

Parent Appointments – teacher will make calls at designated times.

Tuesday 30th




9.00 – 9.45 – Rm 12 and 14  – Mass with Father Kane in hall.

Nursery will be using Rm 6 for morning snack

Confessions – pm

Parent Appointments – staff will make contact at designated times.



Wednesday 31st




9.00- 9.45 – Rm 13, 15 and 16  Mass with Father Kane in hall.

Easter Party – Nursery

Confessions – pm

Deadline for PPE orders

Parent Appointments – staff will make contact at designated times.

Thursday 1st


MMElliott– to cover NCCT – Rm 9 and 10 – 9.00 – 9.40

School and Nursery closes – 2.30pm

School and Nursery will re-open Monday 19th April.


Friday 2nd





Lunch Menu- Nursery

Week 3 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Hot Option Pizza and tomato pasta (v) Pork sausage  with seasoned diced potatoes Fish fingers*  baby boiled  potatoes Mince and mashed  potatoes Lentil soup  and sandwich triangles (v)
Vegetarian Alternative Not required Quorn sausage with seasoned diced potatoes (v) Baked potato with beans and a side  salad (v) Cheese and onion pastie,  with mashed  potatoes,  (v) Not required
Sweet treat, fruit or yoghurt Fruit or yoghurt Homebaking  or Fruit Fruit or yoghurt Homebaking  or Fruit Fruit or yoghurt