Welcome Back!!!

Hello All Parents/Carers,

We are delighted to welcome everyone back to school on Monday and to welcoming our new Pr. 1 cohort.  Exciting times!!  We hope you enjoyed a lovely summer break with your family and are looking forward to a new school year.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone.  The school staff have been  in the school building for the last few days in preparation for your child’s return to school and can’t wait to meet their new pupils.  Information in regard of your child’s new class and their teacher was issued in June.  Staff will be on hand in the playground to direct your child to where they will line up with their peers in order that we alleviate any anxieties.  Please reassure your child not to worry.  Both myself and Mrs.Elliott will be in the playground to assist with any questions.  Pr. 2 – 7 are requested to arrive and enter the school using the appropriate gates with Pr. 1, 2 and 3 pupils entering via the infant gates – Zone 1 and 2.  Pr. 4 – 7 pupils use the senior gate – Zone 3. School starts for all pupils at 9.00am with the 8.57 bell ringing to indicate that all pupils should be in line ready for morning prayers.  Pr. 1 pupils will start their first day of school at 10.00am with pick up time at 2.45pm for Pr. 1 pupils.  Room 2 /Pr. 2 pupils will leave at 2.55pm from the infant door. Pr. 2/3 (Rm 7) and Pr. 3 (Rm 8)  pupils will also leave from the infant door at 3.00pm. Pr. 4- 7 pupils will leave school at 3.00pm, leaving from either the middle doors or the doors in the top yard and will exit via the senior gate.  Please ensure that there is no crowding at the exit gates. Could I kindly request that you have made an arrangement with your child, if picking up your child, about where you will be located so that your child can meet up with you at pick up time. Please use the boundary fence to locate yourself and spread out so that the exit gates are clear for children leaving the premises.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.  Please have a good weekend.


Kind Regards


Mrs. C.Docherty

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