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Meet the Teacher Feedback

It was great to see so many friendly faces at our first school event of the year, Meet the Teacher. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to see our school and meet the whole team. Thank you to everyone who came along to support the evening, even though the weather was against us!

We always aim to improve and are keen to get your feedback at EVERY event (as many of you know!) Thank you for leaving us your sticky note comments.

Click on the link to see the feedback.


Charitable Classes

Every year our school aims to support a mixture of Local, National and International charities. This was a very popular choice from our initial home learning grid. Thank you to everyone who discussed different charities at home for our classes to consider.

Mrs Simpson collated all of the choices and made a super handy leaflet with all of the chosen charities for the year. It’s going to be fun seeing what every class comes up with to raise funds to send. We will keep you posted nearer to the time.

Click on the link below for a digital copy of the letter.

Charity notice

Primary 1 Transition Feedback

Our new Primary 1 pupils have settled well in to their first year at school. Every day they impress us with their manners, learning and achievements. We are so lucky to have such wonderful additions to our school.

We are very keen to get feedback about our transition process from Nursery to Primary. At the beginning of the year we asked all P1 parents and carers to fill in a quick survey to help us improve our transition process.

Thank you to everyone who took time to give us feedback, we appreciate all of your comments. Attached is a copy of our findings.

Transition Questionaire P1 Feedback August 17-18

Transition Questionaire August P1 Feedback 17-18 page 2

Welcome to Ravenswood

It has been a very busy start to Session 2017-18 and we are delighted to see everyone back looking happy and healthy.

To keep you posted with our latest news have a look at our first Newsletter of this school year. Click on the links below for a digital version of the Newsletter and Diary Dates so far.

AugSept 2017 PRINT

Diary Dates – Aug 2017

Rights Team Health Week Competition

Rights Team Health Week Competition

The Rights Team have planned a competition for Health Week beginning on Monday 22nd May:

Design a poster illustrating healthy lifestyles with a rights focus. For example illustrations could show:

Children have the right to clean water.

Children have the right to nutritious food.

Children have the right to the best health care possible.

Children have the right to rest and play.

Please write the article on the poster.

Rights team will collect and judge entries on Thursday 24th May.

Prizes are healthy treats and a rocket!

 Winners from P1-P3 and P4- P7.


P6 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

My name is Beth and i am in the after school blogging club! The most exciting thing in Ravenswood Primary School this week is our topic work (Charlie And The Chocolate Factory)

This week P6 got a letter from Mr Willy Wonka , He asked us if we could help him and become a worker/oompaa loompa. We all had to pass some tests. We had to do health and safety sheet to show that we know whats right and wrong. We also made a poster on a rule and made it full of colour and has the right thing to do. We also done a piece of instructions on our own chocolate bar the we created our self . We made it as yummy and detailed as we can ! 🙂 we started a news report on the golden tickets being released!

Maths in P6

My name is Izabella and I am in the after school blogging club. The most exciting thing in Ravenswood primary school this week is maths in P6.
P6 have a new topic all about patterns.We learned all about number patterns, symbol patterns and color.A
number pattern is when you have a sequence with numbers. Like this: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20. A symbol pattern is when you do a sequence with symbols. Here is another example: _ = + _ = +.Last one is color pattern.The color pattern is when you have dots that are different colors.Like one dot red then blue then pink then red then blue then pink. And it keeps going on in a pattern.

Literacy in P6

My name is Emma and I am from the after school blogging club! 🙂

Primary 6 got to pick our own book from the reflection room,class library or from our house. We are doing this because we will do a book club thing every Friday. We can read a few chapters, one chapter or the whole book!! We need to be confident as we will need to talk about a bit of the book in front of the class. we have also already read a couple of chapters of our book already.