Technical S1-S3

The BGE Technical Course provides the opportunity for S1-3 pupils to acquire the skills and knowledge to progress through the Curriculum for Excellence Technologies Experiences and Outcomes and to prepare for the Senior Phase Curriculum.


Pupils will have access to online material to allow them to continue home learning.  All pupils have signed into GLOW and joined the relevant TEAMS as listed below:

  • S2 Technical 2020-2021
  • S3 Design and Manufacture  2020-2021
  • S3 Graphic Communication 2020-2021

For further support please click here- Teams Guide

S1 – S3

Practical Tasks:

Health and Safety Booklet

How’s it MadeDiscovery Channel Episodes

Practical Activities for Home Learning 


Idea Generation Techniques and Sketching Tasks:

30 Day Design Challenge

Monster Design

Design Activity

Manual Graphics

30 Day Sketching

Spring Break Design Competition

Designing Exercises

Social distancing logo redesign


Download for free the West Point Bridge Designer 2016 and create the cheapest bridge that you can. Once you’ve mastered this, why not try and build your own bridge out of recyclable materials and test how much weight it can hold before it fails!

Bridge Builder- Getting Started

Bridge Theory Notes

Bridge Research Task 

Interior Design Tasks: 

Sign up and have a play with Roomstyler, remember to use Google Chrome. Once you are happy using it, create the two tasks below. Alternatively, you can draw out a floor plan on SketchBook or paper like the example below.

Gym Challenge

Nursery Challenge

Visualisation Tasks:

If you were asked to draw an iPhone from the front, sides and top hopefully it would look something like this:

This is an example of Orthographic Projection. As we work through this unit in S1 and S2, we will be drawing various 3D models from the front, sides and top. The names given to each of these views is shown under each of them.

Watch this video to help you understand Orthographic Drawings: click here.

S1 Visualisation Tasks

S2 Visualisation Tasks


S3 Design and Manufacture


Controller Design:

Controller Design Process –YouTube

Controller CAD Modelling

Spice Rack Unit:

Spice Rack Theory Book

Design & Manufacture comprehension


S3 Graphic Communication 

LEGO Unit:

Pupils create a LEGO character that related to the job profile they research using My World of Work website. They create a job profile to display the relevant information (what they job involves, top skills, useful subjects) and use a range of DTP and CAD techniques to advertise their character.

LEGO Unit- CAD Question 

Inventor LEGO Brick- Step by Step

2D and 3D

S3 Visualisation

3P’s- Preliminary, Production, Promotional graphics 


NOTE for S1-3:

Autodesk Sketchbook is free for education and really good for digital sketching. Great with stylus touchscreens and graphics tablets. You can use it on PC, tablet and mobile which is really useful!

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