Eco Week

We are currently in the midst of a very exciting Eco week, a full week dedicated to Eco, Health and Fairtrade.

The whole school has been involved in a variety of exciting activities.

We started our week with a lot of our classes braving the weather to upgrade our playground. P3 and P4 worked together to carry out some weeding and planted some very kind donations from parents and ASDA. P7 also joined in and planted some beautiful flowers for the front of our school.

P5/4 worked alongside Mrs Magee and Mrs Donnelly to paint some lovely murals around the school. These will continue to be decorated so have a look around!

P2 worked very hard to re-paint our lovely benches (and themselves in the process!!!)

A lot of our classes pulled on their wellies and raincoats to pick up all the litter around the school.


Day 2: Health Day

All of our classes had a ball today trying out some Tai Chi. We felt very relaxed and calm afterwards.

We also carried out some more den building and litter picking.

Today’s focus was on keeping ourselves healthy and what better way to do this than by eating!¬†All around our school there was a lovely smell after all the classes got busy making healthy snacks.

We made, and enjoyed eating, healthy wraps, soups, salads, kebabs, coleslaw and smoothies just to name a few!!

This week we have learned about the importance of looking after ourselves and our environment. We have worked very hard improving our school grounds and making the school even more pleasant to be in!

Come and find out what we get up to the rest of the week but in the meantime have a look at all the fun we have been having.


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