Eco Week – Part 2

A little update to let you all know what we have been doing during the rest of our Eco week…

  • Sports Day – We went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather to keep ourselves healthy. We all took part in a variety of events such as: hurdles, running, long jump, bowls amongst others. We enjoyed working hard and were very tired by the end!
  • Quiz – P3 – 7 worked together in their House Groups to complete a quiz based upon Health, Eco and Fairtrade. We enjoyed working in groups and worked very hard to win for our House.
  • Tae Kwon Do – We also had local Tae Kwon Do instructors in the school and we all had the opportunity to have some exciting lessons. We have learned commands used and some fantastic moves.
  • Art Exhibition – All the children in our school created some beautiful artwork. P1 created amazing pictures of themselves climbing up some ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ inspired beanstalks, P4 re-created Van Gogh’s sunflowers and P7 created some beautiful watercolour Kilbowie landscapes. The children all had the opportunity to visit their painting which was mounted and framed. We then invited all our friends and family to have a look at our beautiful creations and some even bought them!
  • Fairtrade – We had a full day focusing on Fairtrade. We started it off by having an exciting assembly by our Fairtrade committee and a member of Sainsbury’s. The Fairtrade committee had also organised different activities for us all to try. We had some taste testing, card games and many others to expand our Fairtrade knowledge.
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Eco Week

We are currently in the midst of a very exciting Eco week, a full week dedicated to Eco, Health and Fairtrade.

The whole school has been involved in a variety of exciting activities.

We started our week with a lot of our classes braving the weather to upgrade our playground. P3 and P4 worked together to carry out some weeding and planted some very kind donations from parents and ASDA. P7 also joined in and planted some beautiful flowers for the front of our school.

P5/4 worked alongside Mrs Magee and Mrs Donnelly to paint some lovely murals around the school. These will continue to be decorated so have a look around!

P2 worked very hard to re-paint our lovely benches (and themselves in the process!!!)

A lot of our classes pulled on their wellies and raincoats to pick up all the litter around the school.


Day 2: Health Day

All of our classes had a ball today trying out some Tai Chi. We felt very relaxed and calm afterwards.

We also carried out some more den building and litter picking.

Today’s focus was on keeping ourselves healthy and what better way to do this than by eating! All around our school there was a lovely smell after all the classes got busy making healthy snacks.

We made, and enjoyed eating, healthy wraps, soups, salads, kebabs, coleslaw and smoothies just to name a few!!

This week we have learned about the importance of looking after ourselves and our environment. We have worked very hard improving our school grounds and making the school even more pleasant to be in!

Come and find out what we get up to the rest of the week but in the meantime have a look at all the fun we have been having.


IMG_7005 IMG_7006 IMG_7016 IMG_7022 IMG_7025 IMG_7028 IMG_7030 IMG_7032 IMG_7033 IMG_7034 IMG_7035 IMG_7036 IMG_7037 IMG_7038 IMG_7039 IMG_7040 IMG_7041 IMG_7042 IMG_7043 IMG_7045 IMG_7046 IMG_7047 IMG_7048 IMG_7049 IMG_7050 IMG_7051 IMG_7052 IMG_7053 IMG_7054 IMG_7055 IMG_7056 IMG_7057 IMG_7058 IMG_7059 IMG_7060 IMG_7061 IMG_7062 IMG_7063 IMG_7064 IMG_7065

Muirhouse Primary Choir

This week we were very grateful and honoured to be invited to sing alongside the Glasgow Philharmonic Male Choir.

We got a bus and travelled over to the City Halls in Glasgow.

After our sound checks our choir performed alongside the professional singers. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening and the guests have commented on how great we sounded.

A video of our full performance will be uploaded soon.


IMG_7067 IMG_7066IMG_7068 IMG_7070 IMG_7071

Kilbowie: Day 5

Our final day!! The music woke us up at 7.30am and we had just enough time to strip our beds and finish packing. After breakfast we tried to watch all our photos from the trip but unfortunately didn’t work. Mr Lumsden has all the pictures from our trip and we are very excited to see them all back at school.

We were very sad to leave Kilbowie but very excited to see everyone and sleep in our own beds again!

Kilbowie: Day 4

It was our final day of activities today and everyone was very excited. It was the turn of Miss Napier and different groups to head down to the gorges, we all got to jump from a waterfall before enjoying some hot blackcurrant and the famous Kilbowie energy bars. We all left soaking wet but with a massive smile on our face.

As the weather was still very nice some of us even got to go sailing. We were all allowed a go at steering and sailed over to an island beside Oban where we got out and have a wee look before sailing back to the centre. Some of us were quite scared we would fall in the water but we all had a great.

After we had all dried up and shared our stories it was time for dinner which was eaten quickly to allow us to get ready for our disco!

We enjoyed dancing with a lot of our new friends from the different primary schools and we partied on until past 9 o’clock. It was then time to sing happy birthday to the birthday girl and we all enjoyed a piece of birthday cake before heading back to our dorms and get ready for our last night sleeping in our beds. We stayed up chatting about our week before collapsing into our beds with exhaustion (even the teachers!!).

IMG_6644  IMG_6645  IMG_6647

IMG_6655  IMG_6653  IMG_6660

IMG_6666  IMG_6668  IMG_6669

IMG_6670  IMG_6672  IMG_6674

IMG_6678  IMG_6684  IMG_6690

IMG_6771  IMG_6697  IMG_6699

IMG_6700  IMG_6702  IMG_6704

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IMG_6721  IMG_6737  IMG_6740

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IMG_6755  IMG_6761  IMG_6763

IMG_6764  IMG_6765  IMG_6767


Kilbowie: Day 3

We are having a great time in Kilbowie! As the weather has continued to be so nice a lot of our activities were changed to allow us to make full use of the incredible activities around the centre.

We have had a lot of fun on the skiing today with a number of groups out on the dry ski slopes. After falling over a few times we all managed to have a go skiing down the slope. Some of us even ended up skiing from the very top!

Mr Lumsden headed back out on the water with some of the groups enjoying some more canoeing and kayaking. He even jumped into the water for the third time.

At night we decided to head back out to enjoy the nice nights and lovely weather. We worked in our activity groups to complete some different scavenger hunts and games. We ended up exhausted from running around so much! Then, we enjoyed a bit of free time before eating our supper and heading up to our dorms for some well deserved sleep!

Journey to KilbowieSome water activitiesSome water activities
First Day Activities
First Day Activities  Some water activities  Some water activities  Some water activitiesRock Climbing Rock Climbing Rock Climbing  Rock ClimbingRock Climbing Rock ClimbingRock Climbing

Kilbowie: Day 2

We have had a very exciting day two in Kilbowie. With the weather being so sunny and warm many of us took to the water to try new exciting sports. We had more than one group out canoeing to the island across from the centre, some people even managed to kayak across (which took a lot of concentration and balance) and some groups went gorge walking. It seems that gorge walking is definitely everyone at Muirhouse’s favourite activity so far (including the teachers). While we were out gorge walking had to scramble along the rocks, paddle through the river, swim through some sections and even got to jump off the rocks into a fresh water pool. Miss Huxford was a little scared but we all helped her to jump in. It was cold but so much fun! Once we were all back at the centre a few of us had another go at jumping off the jetty into the salty water. Miss Huxford didn’t look to happy in the picture we took and Miss Napier has shown it to all of us. It is very funny!
Other groups were lucky enough to have their turn at the safari with Derek. Everyone loves Derek’s jokes as well as finding out about all the different animals that used to and still do live in this area. We have some really interesting facts that we can tell you when we are back.
Everyone was starving by the time it got to dinner and everyone had an empty plate. After dinner, there was no time to rest as we went on another hill walk because the weather was so nice! Miss Napier even raced some of us down the hill but I don’t think she was fast enough to catch up with us.
After such an exciting day I think we have decided we will just stay for another few weeks, we hope your not missing us too much!

Kilbowie: Day 1

Well we are all rested from our first day at Kilbowie. What an eventful day it was! We had a wonderful trip up to Kilbowie with a very friendly bus driver who showed us some of the sights as we passed and we managed to make it with no sickness! You might not believe it but all of us managed our bags up to our rooms, although it was a struggle for some, and then we headed for some lunch. After lunch, everyone seemed to enjoy sorting our their rooms although a few will need a bit more practise before they are making their own bed at home. Miss Huxford, Miss Napier and Mr Lumsden found a few children lost in the middle of their duvet cover. With a little bit of teacher help and some team work we all managed to get bed sheets, a duvet and pillows on our bed.
Once we had mastered that, it was time to meet our instructors and find out everything about Kilbowie. We had to go and collect all of our equipment including waterproofs, life jackets, fleeces, rucksacks and even some Wellies from the Wellie Shed. Some of us even got the chance to try our equipment out as we went canoeing. Mr Lumsden joined us for a little canoe up the river. Some of the other groups when to explore the shoreline with Miss Huxford and Miss Napier. Ben and Dean found a crab and held it in their hands. They were much braver than Miss Huxford or Miss Napier. Once we had explored the shoreline our instructors gave us all a chance to jump into the water. It was FREEZING COLD and very salty! It was great fun but some of us got quite a shock when we first jumped in. It is Miss Napier’s turn today.
After all that excitement and freezing cold water many of us were tired out but we still had lots more to do. After our lovely dinner of chicken fajitas and wedges (we even got a pudding) we got to buy something from the tuck shop and started the evening activity. We had two different activities outside that were different scavenger hunts. We had to run around the building to look for the clues. We were knackered by the time it got to supper.
Finally we all got to go to our rooms. Mr Lumsden group were in bed before he even arrived, Miss Napier’s group were sitting quietly chatting but somehow Miss Huxford’s group were still not tired!
Hopefully today will be as fun if not better than yesterday!

Christmas Fayre 2014

Muirhouse Primary hosted the annual Christmas Fayre on Friday 28th November. The Parent Fundraisers have been working hard for months organising this fantastic event. We had cake stalls, raffles, tombola, craft stalls and lots more! Santa even made a very special appearance with all the children having the chance to meet him, get a picture taken and Santa even gave them a little early treat!

A huge thank you to the Parent Fundraisers and everyone who attended to make this event a great success!

The final total was £2,200!!