Primary 6 February Update!

Welcome to our Primary 6 February update! We have had such a busy month and also enjoyed a lovely long weekend and were able to recharge and reset.


Within Literacy, Fantastic Foxes have just finished reading Dinosaur Trouble by Dick King-Smith which we really enjoyed and wrote up book reviews about what we enjoyed about the book. We have now started our new book Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo and have started looking at prior knowledge and making predictions about the book so far. Marvellous Matilda’s have been coming to an end with A Kind of Spark by Elle McNicoll and have enjoyed this book learning about the different themes coming through the book and looking at each reading strategy throughout the weeks. We have also produced great writing this month, one in particular, writing to persuade to vote for their Circular Economy group within their topic work. Great persuasive language was used and they shared their reasons why you should vote for their group over others within the class which they all really enjoyed.


In Numeracy, we have been working on Division, Measurement, Properties of 2D and 3D shapes and now moving onto our new topic of Money. The children have been continuing to work on their mental agility and have been competing in a range of mental maths games within our maths lessons, as well as using our new mental maths strategy board cards to create questions with a partner and answer the questions using a range of strategies to help solve each question. We have enjoyed learning about measure, length, mass, and calculating the area and perimeter.

Religious Education

This month our class focus has been based on Lent and looking at ways that we can get closer to God, through prayer, fasting and almsgiving. As well as attending Mass within the parish each Monday and Wednesday at 8:30am throughout the period of Lent.

Other Curricular Areas

Primary 6 have came to an end with our Circular Economy topic, which we all enjoyed being able to work in small groups with having specific job roles and creating and designing a product/service that fits into the circular economy business plan model. We have now moved onto another topic based on Crime Scene Investigation, which we have been enjoying the STEM based activities and discussions throughout each lesson.

Within Physical Education, we have moved onto our new topic of Badminton, learning racket skills, accuracy and aim, footwork, serve, rally and attack, as well as defending techniques. We have been enjoying these lessons and being able to get back outdoors after our time indoors with our last topic of Gymnastics, which was also a success.


Huge Congratulations to all children that participated in the Microbit Club. The children really enjoyed these sessions and engaged really well within each session. The children are now looking to get other teachers involved in Microbit and to introduce these throughout our STEM lessons within the class to allow the pupils that engaged within the after school club to help teach through pupil-led learning and to share our knowledge and understanding about coding.

Just a reminder for homework which will be handed out weekly on a Monday and should be brought back in on a Friday. Our PE days are both Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and children should come to school in full uniform and get changed for PE.

Thank you and have a great month of February everyone!

Mr Rice and Primary 6

Primary 7/6 February Update

Can we please ensure homework is getting completed each week and pupils have brought in their reading novels with them each day to help them with their read to write tasks.  Homework is uploaded each week, both on the website as well as our Primary 7/6 Teams Page. Any issues gaining access to the homework, please do let me know 🙂



In numeracy, we explored all things time, looking both into converting 12 and 24 hour time as well other practical aspects such as looking at timetables, which will serve Primary 7 well as they enter secondary school. Primary 7/6 also worked on their division skills and looked at different strategies to solve division problems such as the written method, proportional reasoning and the grid method. The pupils have became more confident with their division skills and can see the relationship this operation has with multiplication.



Primary 7 completed their block of reading Dividing City where they explored themes of friendship and sectarianism. This booked tied in well with their partnership work with Mossend Primary School and the charity Nil by Mouth where the pupils got the opportunity to participate in workshops exploring these themes. They will now be moving onto their new novel, Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider: Stormbreaker. Similarly Primary 6 have completed their block of reading The Borrowers where they have further developed their reading comprehension strategies. They will now be moving onto The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q. Raúf where they will explore themes of friendship and adventure.

Primary 7/6 are focusing on discursive essays this term. In February, the pupils produced an excellent discursive essay linking in with their sectarianism work where we had three star writers! Following this essay, the pupils were given the opportunity to select their own topic idea. This was a great opportunity for the pupils to take more ownership over their work and produced a range of interesting and topical discursive essays. Examples of these essays were the purpose of VAR in professional football matches, the opportunities and consequences of children using technology and the possibility of alien life form.



We have completed our Circular Economy Challenge topic where the pupils collaboratively worked in groups to generate a sustainable business idea. The groups brain stormed ideas, conducted market research and created sales pitches. One group, Refillable Ink, was shortlisted to compete against a group from Primary 6 to go through to the Dragon’s Den style showcase in March. Our group, Refillable Ink were lucky enough to have been selected to go through to represent our school this month.



In religious education, we explored prayer & decision making where we analysed prayers and their meanings behind these. The pupils also reflected on times of prayer such as when seeking God’s advice or guidance.


Other Curricular Area:

Congratulations to the netball team from Primary 7 and 6 who competed at North Lanarkshire’s Active School’s Netball Tournament last month. The team performed extremely well together!  Well done team!

Primary 5 February Update 

Primary 5 have had another busy month in class with lots of fun learning activities.  As a nice treat for all their hard work in class they celebrated Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day with a pancake and hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Below describes just some of the learning they have experience over the last month. 


Maths and Numeracy 

The children have been continuing to work on their mental agility and have been putting this to practise by competing in a variety of mental maths games. They really enjoy this, and it encourages them to quickly apply many of the strategies that they have been learning through Number Talks. They have also been learning how to measure, length, mass and capacity and are able to calculate perimeter and area. They measured the length of the corridor and various items within school. Having explored weights of varying grams and kilograms, they could combine a variety of sizes to make various amounts. They are learning to convert between various units of measurement. In addition to measurement, with Miss Cairney the children have been learning to gather and analyse data. They put their skills to use by surveying every class in the school in order to gather information to use in their Enterprise initiative.  


The Blue Group have now finished reading The Worst Witch and have used a variety of reading strategies to help them understand the story. They are looking forward to starting a new novel ‘The Queen’s Nose.’  Please provide time for children to read this aloud at home as this will help with their fluency. It is also a great idea to have the children summarise verbally (in their own words) what they have read as this helps to clarify their understanding. 

The children in the Red Group are reading The Demon Headmaster and most are reading fluently and with expression. They are developing their comprehension skills and demonstrating this in their writing. You can help them with this by asking them to make sure they answer in full sentences when discussing their homework. 

The Yellow Group are making good progress and are enjoying the range of novels that they are reading.  

Children have produced some excellent writing this month, they have been exploring the genres of Instructions and Persuasive. They have utilised the knowledge and skills gained by completing a series of science experiments such as The Gummy Bear Experiment, the Lava Lamp and the Walking Water Experiment. They have explored the genre features specific to each and they’re able to write instructions that would help others to carry out these experiments. The children also wrote persuasive letters to Mrs Harley and our local supermarkets looking for their support for our upcoming Enterprise project. Needless to say, the persuasive language used was enough to convince our target audience to comply with our requests and Morrisons kindly donated a supply of diluting juice. 

Religious Education 

This month our class focus has been on Lent and reminding ourselves of ways that we can get closer to God through, prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Many of the children have attended mass during Lent. The children have also been learning about Blessed Mother Theresa and her work with the poor and dying. They have also begun to learn the Stations of the Cross and the responses to this. 


Enterprise – our topic has been learning about our skills and qualities and considering what we would like to do as we grow up. We had a workshop delivered by Social Schools Enterprise that encouraged us to think about the ways that we can use our knowledge, skills and experience to make a difference in our world. We learned all about ‘social’ enterprise and giving back to our community. As a class we considered many enterprising projects that we could deliver to raise money for our chosen charity, and we look forward to managing and implementing our business idea after Easter. 

Science/STEM – the children all expressed that they were looking forward to doing lots of science and STEM this term so we have been completing a variety of experiments which the children have been enjoying. They have been exploring Osmosis, Capillary Action and Density and are now learning about Newtons Laws of Motion. We look forward to sharing some of this learning when you visit during Science Week. 

PE/HWB – We have now concluded our hockey sessions in PE and I was extremely impressed with the skills and progress made by many of the children. They were able to demonstrate safe use of the equipment, can hold the hockey stick correctly and can pass and stop the ball accurately. We have now moved on to Gymnastics and the children are learning how to move, balance and perform a variety of shapes safely on various apparatus. In HWB we continue to talk about Respect for ourselves and others and how we should consider or words and actions and the impact they can have. We will continue to explore this as we look at Emotions and behaviours, triggers, and responses. 

Primary 1 February Update

Primary 1 February Update

Welcome to our February update. We have been very lucky to have Miss Morrisey working with our class this month. She has planned lots of exciting learning opportunities for us and we have enjoyed getting to know her. We also enjoyed a lovely long weekend and were able to recharge and rest, ready for our next challenges at school. Here are some of our learning highlights:


It has been very exciting for our boys and girls this month as we have been learning all about phoneme sounds (sh,ch,th). This is when 2 letters join to make a different sound. We have become text detectives and can find our phoneme sounds in stories. Now that we know all of our alphabet sounds we are able to read words containing vowels and consonants, we call these our CVC words. We sound out each letter sound then blend them together. Our reading skills are improving every day! Well done Primary 1! We should continue to work on learning our common words at home and in the classroom to help us to use these words in our sentences and stories.

This month we have created our own stories about the Loch Ness Monster and Harry the Highland Coo. We have been learning about when, who, what and how in our stories and are gaining confidence in creating wonderful imaginative stories independently. We like to use our word mats/word walls to help support us with spelling and we love to have a go at tricky words we are not sure about. In our daily writing we are sharing our news with our teachers and friends. We can create sentences about what we are doing at home in the evenings and can try to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.


In Primary 1 we are continuing to learn more about numbers to 20. This month our focus has been on learning how to read, write, count, build 11-20. We have been using active learning and stations to help improve our understanding of number and we like to work in this fun way in Primary 1. Our favourite station has been using the large dominos to make numbers and using 10 frames to add and subtract. We have been learning more about subtraction and have been taking away from 10/20. It has been fun learning about + and – and challenging ourselves during our number work.

We have really enjoyed learning how to tell the time and can read o’clock and half past time on an analogue clock. Ask us to read time at home and we will become even more confident in telling the time.

In the coming weeks we will be learning more about coins and how to count money. If you have a piggy bank at home this will help to become familiar with the British coins that we will be learning about.


Interdisciplinary Learning

We have continued to learn more about Scotland this month and have learned so many new things. We really enjoyed learning about the Scottish Inventors; Alexander Graham Bell and John Logie Baird. It was interesting to find out about the telephones and TVs of the past. We even got to make our own telephones from paper cups and string. Next, we made our own TV’s and designed our own favourite programmes/films to watch. We also learned about Charles Rennie Mackintosh and created excellent works of art.

This month was the start of Lent. We have set up a Lenten altar in the classroom and have made our Lenten promises. Some of our boys and girls have been attending morning mass with Father Brown in Holy Family Parish.

We are looking forward to learning all about Spring in the month of March and continuing on our journey to Easter.

P4 February Learning Update

In February, Primary 4 welcomed back Mrs Cooney. The children have all worked so hard learning all about Shape and Tessellation in maths. They had some hands-on investigation as discovered that squares, rectangles, triangles and hexagons tile really well with each other as you can see in these stamper pictures: 

They also looked at tiling with more than one shape and came up with some beautiful patterns that all the teachers would love to have in their bathrooms for sure! Some are here:

It is now Lent so we do something a bit different every Friday in the lead up to Easter to raise food and money for the food bank and our Lenten charities. Recently we had Odd Sock day and wore our most unusual socks:

It hasn’t all been silly socks, though. The children have been working very hard on Writing and concentrating on the Recount genre. We planned a piece together all about a typical week in Primary 4 and here you can see the plan and then a link to the finished piece. Top contributors earned Star Writer status – well done!

P4 group recount

Our First Holy Communicants are preparing to make their Sacrament very soon. Mrs Daisley is helping to guide them in this as are their parents at home and for this we are very grateful. Thank you to all parents who are helping with homework and extra research projects as part of our topic on Scottish Inventors, too.


Primary 2 have worked very hard in February and achieved lots of amazing things.

In Maths we have continued to work very hard on addition to 20. We have been learning lots of strategies to help us with this, such as doubles, near doubles and bridging. The boys and girls have been playing lots of fun games and doing lots of work with partners and in groups to help them with this.

We have also been working hard on Time, Fractions and  Money. We have been learning about 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins and have been working hard to decide which coins we should use to pay for things. Mrs Simpson says everyone should try very hard to use money in shops to develop their coin recognition skills. We can also now recognise both o’clock and half past times on both analogue and digital clocks. Please help us to consolidate this learning at home by asking us to tell the time as often as possible.

We have been learning about instructions this month, and can describe what instructions are. We learned about the Scottish artist Steven Brown and made our own McCoo pictures. We then had fun writing our own instructions about how to make a McCoo picture. Mrs Simpson said our instructions were fantastic.

To help us to develop our listening skills we have been listening while our teacher reads a class novel to us. We have just finished ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and we are now reading ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’. We love to discuss the events in the story and to make predictions about what might happen next.

We also began to learn about other world religions this month. We learned that many people have different beliefs, but that we are all equally special. We enjoyed learning about Islam, the qur’an and the Mosque.

We began our Lenten journey on Ash Wednesday. We learned about the three traditions of Lent; fasting, prayer and almsgiving. We created our own Lenten promise and wrote our own special Lenten prayers. We understand that Lent is a time to say sorry for all the mistakes we have made. We studied the parable ‘The Lost Sheep’ and we understand Every sheep is important to the shepherd. Even if only one is lost he will search everywhere to find it. In the same way, people are important to God. He does not want anyone to be lost either.

This month we celebrated Pancake Tuesday slightly early due to the February break. We learned about Pancake Tuesday then enjoyed pancakes in our class with some tasty toppings. Some of us had even more at home too!!

In HWB we learned about being safe online through our story of Buddy the Dog. We learned a song which helps to keep us safe, and we thought of ways to keep ourselves safe when we are playing with mobile phones, tablets etc.

We are really enjoying our topic about Scotland. We have been so busy learning lots about our beautiful country. We learned about Charles Rennie MacIntosh and created our own MacIntosh rose love hearts.

We are looking forward to the better weather in March and beginning our Spring/Easter preparations. In school we will participate in Science Week and World Book Day. Keep an eye on our website for lots more adventures from primary 2.

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