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Please note all subject remote learning has moved to Microsoft Teams


Click Here to Request Your GLOW Username & Password

Accessing GLOW through the PS4

Accessing GLOW through the XBOX One

Setting up a Recovery Email for your Password

Adding Apps to your GLOW Launchpage

How to Access Sharepoint (English Department) in GLOW Instructions

Click Here for Video Instruction on How to Access (English Department) SharePoint


Microsoft Team Login Page

How Pupils Access Microsoft Teams Through One Drive

Communicating with your Teacher on Teams

Hand in Assignments on PC

Hand in Assignment on IPhone

Setting up Microsoft Teams on your Phone

GLOW Signup to Teams Desktop App on PC

Setting Up Notifications from a Team



The following are additional links that may prove useful. Please note the most up to date remote learning will be found on Microsoft Teams.

English Links

Click Here: English Website

English (BGE)

English (Nat 4/5)

English (Higher)

First Level Literacy Activities

First Level Speech & Language Activities

Second Level Literacy Activities

Second Level Speech & Language Activities

Scholar (Log in through GLOW)

Maths Links

Maths All Levels

Maths Workout (Require Password)

Click Here: Various Maths Links

Scholar (Log in through GLOW)

Business & IT Links

Business & IT (S4-6)

Introduction to Higher Accounts Exercises

Higher Admin

Higher Accounting

Higher Business

Nat 5 Accounts

Nat 5 Admin

Nat 5 Business

Scholar (Log in through GLOW)


Science (All Subjects)

Click Here: Nat 5 Biology resources

Click Here: Higher Biology resources

Click Here: Chemistry resources

Scholar (Log in through GLOW)

Social Subject Links

Social Subjects (All Levels)

Social Subject Home Working Newsletter 1

Social Subject Home Working Info (New S5/6 Pupils)

Modern Languages Links

Modern Languages (All Levels)

BGE French (S1-3)

BGE French Resource Sheets

BGE Spanish (S1-3)

Scholar (Log in through GLOW)

Gàidhlig  Links

Gàidhlig  (All Levels)

Technical & Art Links

Click Here: Technical Website

Click Here: Art Department Work from Home Resources

Technical Subjects (All Levels)

Music & Drama Links

Music (All Levels)


Click Here:

Click Here: (Username/Password required from school)

Click Here:

PE & Home Economics Links

PE & Home Economics

General Resources

Bright Red Publishing Digital Zone is an excellent free online resource for most school subjects from N3 through to advanced higher. It also has a YouTube channel where there are a wide range of videos to enhance and consolidate learning (You have to register for the Digital Zone but it is free)

Click Here: Registration page for Red Publishing Digital Zone

Click Here: Red Publishing YouTube Channel

BBC Bitesize: Resources appropriate to pupils at all stages

Click Here: BBC Bitesize

Learn At BBC Scotland: Resources appropriate to pupils at all stages

Click Here: Learn at BBC Scotland

GLOW: A number of subjects use this across school. Pupil should have username and password.

Click Here: GLOW

SQA Past Papers: S4, 5 & 6 Pupils

Click Here: SQA Past Papers


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