NLC Virtual School S1-3

NLC Virtual Classroom is available on GLOW and can be accessed by typing virtual into the launchpad search bar.

Currently the Virtual Classrooms for S1-S3 pupils have been updated fortnightly, although there has been two weeks learning content in each room.

Following the First Minister’s announcement that all young people  would go back to school on a limited basis from Monday 15th March, with priority given to the Senior Phase, the Digital School will increase the universal offer in the secondary specific rooms and content will now be updated weekly.

The following curriculum areas will be covered and updated weekly from Monday 15 March, until the end of this term.

Content will focus on the following areas:
• Literacy/English
Active Literacy, reading tasks and Writing Task
• Maths/Numeracy
Number Challenge, Algebra, Fractions Decimal’s and Percentages and Circle Geometry
• Health and Wellbeing
Mental Social & Emotional Health and Planning for Choices and Change
• Social Subjects
History – JFK, History of Medicine, Geography Rain – Forrest, Natural Hazards and Modern Studies – Human Rights & Crime
• Science
Biology Plant Systems, Chemistry Bonds and Physics Heat and Waves
• Technologies
Graphics and Design, Business IT and Coding
• Expressive Arts
Art & Design, Drama

There will also be content in the rooms aimed at the upper stages of the Primary (Second level) which may be appropriate for some learners.  There is also a guide for parents and all young people have access to their guidance in the Virtual Classroom itself.

The classes are split into colours for secondary pupils, these are:

Magenta: S1

Lilac S2

Gold S3 

The Digital School will also share the curricular contents each week on Twitter (@nldigitalschool) which  can be retweeted and we would ask you to share on your own social media platforms.